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Chit Chat / Re: best clips
« Last post by scarface on Today at 05:04 PM »
Tonight, new videos are available for the users of the forum.

Melrose Heights 902102402

Carbon Negative : Can we get there?

Is it the biggest bubble of all time?

A serious recession is taking place in Japan. The world's third-largest economy entered negative territory in its fourth quarter, with its GDP falling 6.3 per cent. This is Japan's worst contraction in six years.

How Theranos became the biggest fraud of the silicon valley
Chit Chat / Re: What games are you playing?
« Last post by scarface on Today at 04:29 PM »
Note that a new mod for Amnesia TDD could be available in a next repack, titled the clockman. I'm currently testing it to see if it's a useful add-on.

You, Abraham, and your father Edward were never close. You just recently started living in his estate located in northern europe, against your wishes. You never wanted to re-connect with your father after he left you when you were very young. You moved to his mansion after your house mysteriously caught on fire, leaving none of your belongings intact. Edward was your only option. With each day that you spend in your father's mansion, you realize how secluded he really is. He works in the privacy of his study, only coming out for food. One morning, you wake up with a letter on your desk. It is from the Clockman.


Chit Chat / Re: best clips
« Last post by scarface on Yesterday at 05:25 PM »
Tonight, new videos are available for the users of the forum.

Worst Toilet in Middle-Earth

Sea Monsters Size Comparison

Climate Change In Pakistan.

The FLUKEMAN explained

Chit Chat / Re: What games are you playing?
« Last post by scarface on Yesterday at 04:59 PM »
Note that I tested several mods for Amnesia TDD. Among the ones already available in the repack, I found that Emma's nightmare is the best. Then we have abduction and key to freedom which are good mods too. Gary snowy secret and this darn house are 2 short mods. And I didn't test the machine yet. Note that I will remove Emma's story since it's buggy.
Chit Chat / Re: What games are you playing?
« Last post by scarface on February 15, 2020, 02:34 PM »
Finally, 4 more mods were added to Amnesia TDD:
Abduction, Emma's Story, Emma's nightmare and the machine. Only setup.6.bin was updated.
The repack is still available here:


Emma's story

The machine
Chit Chat / Re: What kind of meat (or cheese) is it?
« Last post by scarface on February 14, 2020, 01:56 PM »
Tonight, I'm posting a photo of my dinner.

As you can see there is a pizza on the lower part of the photo. It's not something that you and I should eat everyday though, because it's not dietetic food. I'm sure that aa1234779 and shadow.97 are currently peering down at the glass. The color of the wine is exceptional indeed, even though it might be a sin to drink such a wine with a pizza.
Note that I'm still doing sports to eliminate all these excesses. And you know that I'm waging a jihad against the American food (No soda. No fast food). And yet it's not enough. I put on weight lately.

You can also see my new phone. It's one of the cheapest smartphones currently available, 5 times cheaper than a iphone 11. It's a honor 9 lite. My current 5 year-old samsung is still working but I was afraid I might losing it and its data.
And for this price, it's probably an excellent smartphone. It's running Android 8. I know android 9 is compatible with it but I don't know how to install it. So I'll keep android 8. I'm not really into smartphones anyway. Unlike usmangujjar and shadow.97 I grew up with the Ninja turtles, Club dorothée and computers, not with smartphones.
I knew that it had a weak spot though, but I couldn't imagine it was that bad. The camera is bad. The photo below was taken with the samsung. Yesterday's photo was taken with the Honor. Look at the chair on the first photo. We don't know if it's a chair or if I painted the wall. In both cases I had to use the flash.

Chit Chat / Re: best clips
« Last post by scarface on February 14, 2020, 11:25 AM »
Today, new videos are available on the forum.

First and foremest, here are 2 videos dealing with the perspectives of the equity markets considering their high levels of valuation.
The first one is with David Rosenberg. For him the s&p 500 has been driven mainly buy stock buybacks. But he believes it is not sustainable.

The second one is with Etienne De marsac, who is talking about an "everything bubble". He thinks that equity markets and bond markets have reached dangerous levels of valuation. De Marsac provides his insights on what factors could catalyze a market breakdown, how central banks could begin correcting the global imbalances they have created, and what trades he is making in this risk-on environment.

Documentary - Should Canada shut down its oilsands?

The excellent movie Time Jumpers, released in 2018.

Note that the new version of Windows 10 x 64 will be available in a few hours.
Chit Chat / Re: What games are you playing?
« Last post by scarface on February 14, 2020, 10:51 AM »
Note that I'm probably going to include a few more mods for Amnesia TDD, besides the already included 3 mods above, in the repack available here:

I already reduced them in size, and I'm going to test these 3 repacks to see if they are interesting. I'll tell you later if they are added or not.
I was thinking about Amadeus, Emma's Story and Emma's nightmare.

A screenshot of Amadeus which is known for the quality of its maps.

Amadeus tells the story of Cornelius Campbell, a magician trading under the name The Amazing Alduin. Cornelius’ career has come grinding to an halt, and where once he was able to fill the biggest theatres, he now struggles to attract even a meagre audience. This is what tips him over the edge, sending him spiralling down a path of madness as he does whatever it takes to become popular again—even if that involves something unsavoury. Which, this being a mod for Amnesia: The Dark Descent, is a distinct possibility.

Emma is the story of the daughter of esteemed scientist Dr. Robert Coleman. Ever since his discovery of the mythical Orb of Power, he has vanished, leaving you alone in the family estate. With strange things happening, you wonder what has happened to him. The story begins as you wake up in your room to find an ominous note.
Microsoft Windows / Re: Windows 7 Component Store Cleanup - Rebase
« Last post by scarface on February 13, 2020, 04:05 PM »
Today, a new version of windows 10 x64 pro Lite v1909 with February 2020 updates is available ("19H2" for Vasudev)

As usual, it contains many reg tweaks, netfx 3.5, netfx 4.8, dx9 (and 12) and many programs.
Note: in this edition you'll find many more programs like the latest releases of vlc, firefox, handbrake, cdisplay (custom made edition of SF), Sumatra, Flashplayer, 7zip 19.00, winrar 3.71, Treesize free, Visual C++ Redist, the game "Mastermind" and Ultraiso (full version), Subtitles Edit v3.5.13...
Fx sound enhancer v13.027 was added (full version).

This version of windows 10 is activated by default.

Nothing was deleted in winsxs and to obtain such a size, install.wim was converted into esd.

New drivers:
LAN_Killerwin10_2.2.3212, Synaptics19.3.4.193, PCI-bus-AMD-15.301.0.0, Elan-smbus-driver-, intel_chipset_10.1.18263.8193, RadioBtn_Win10v1.1.8.0,
intel_rst_17.8.0.1065, Hp-Wifi-Broadcom7.35.344.0, intelethernetPROWin10x64-25.0, Wireless_21.70.0.1_PROSet64, realtek_card_reader_10.0.18362.31255,
realtekethernet10-100-1000PCIE_Win10_10038, realtekcamera10.0.17763.20089, usb3.1_asmedia_1.16.59.1, BT_21.60.0_64_Win10
Note that the intel graphics drivers are not integrated any more.

Nothing was removed.
Windows defender is disabled by default but can be re-enabled again via gpedit.msc.
Note that the new feature Windows Defender Tamper protection was deactivated too.

Abbodi1406’s vcredist was updated to 0.27.
New wallpapers are available.
New programs installed silently: mediacoder 0.8.60 (modified edition), Psychopinball (by Fuj), Smartcopy, Grand dictionnaire Hachette Oxford, psp 8, Remove empty directories, WiseDuplicatefinder, Ant renamer, Pinball, LameXP, Belatout, Easeus Partition Master 13.8.
HDD programs: HDD low level format, HD tune pro.
Some drivers were updated.

In the previous versions a script was run to remove the useless appx and provisioned packages. It wasn't used in this version.
Here is the script previously used to remove provisioned apps (the "Sysprep" switch was used).
Code: [Select]
#This function finds any AppX/AppXProvisioned package and uninstalls it, except for Freshpaint, Windows Calculator, Windows Store, and Windows Photos.
#Also, to note - This does NOT remove essential system services/software/etc such as .NET framework installations, Cortana, Edge, etc.

#This is the switch parameter for running this script as a 'silent' script, for use in MDT images or any type of mass deployment without user interaction.

param (
  [switch]$Debloat, [switch]$SysPrep

Function Begin-SysPrep {

        Write-Verbose -Message ('Starting Sysprep Fixes')
        # Disable Windows Store Automatic Updates
       <# Write-Verbose -Message "Adding Registry key to Disable Windows Store Automatic Updates"
        $registryPath = "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\WindowsStore"
        If (!(Test-Path $registryPath)) {
            Mkdir $registryPath -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
            New-ItemProperty $registryPath -Name AutoDownload -Value 2
        Else {
            Set-ItemProperty $registryPath -Name AutoDownload -Value 2
        #Stop WindowsStore Installer Service and set to Disabled
        Write-Verbose -Message ('Stopping InstallService')
        Stop-Service InstallService

#Creates a PSDrive to be able to access the 'HKCR' tree
New-PSDrive -Name HKCR -PSProvider Registry -Root HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT
Function Start-Debloat {

    #Removes AppxPackages
    #Credit to Reddit user /u/GavinEke for a modified version of my whitelist code
    [regex]$WhitelistedApps = 'Microsoft.ScreenSketch|Microsoft.Paint3D|Microsoft.WindowsCalculator|Microsoft.WindowsStore|Microsoft.Windows.Photos|CanonicalGroupLimited.UbuntuonWindows|`
    Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers | Where-Object {$_.Name -NotMatch $WhitelistedApps} | Remove-AppxPackage -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
    # Run this again to avoid error on 1803 or having to reboot.
    Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers | Where-Object {$_.Name -NotMatch $WhitelistedApps} | Remove-AppxPackage -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
    $AppxRemoval = Get-AppxProvisionedPackage -Online | Where-Object {$_.PackageName -NotMatch $WhitelistedApps}
    ForEach ( $App in $AppxRemoval) {
        Remove-AppxProvisionedPackage -Online -PackageName $App.PackageName

Function Remove-Keys {
    #These are the registry keys that it will delete.
    $Keys = @(
        #Remove Background Tasks
        #Windows File
        #Registry keys to delete if they aren't uninstalled by RemoveAppXPackage/RemoveAppXProvisionedPackage
        #Scheduled Tasks to delete
        #Windows Protocol Keys
        #Windows Share Target
    #This writes the output of each key it is removing and also removes the keys listed above.
    ForEach ($Key in $Keys) {
        Write-Output "Removing $Key from registry"
        Remove-Item $Key -Recurse -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
Function Protect-Privacy {

    #Creates a PSDrive to be able to access the 'HKCR' tree
    New-PSDrive -Name HKCR -PSProvider Registry -Root HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT
    #Disables Windows Feedback Experience
    Write-Output "Disabling Windows Feedback Experience program"
    $Advertising = 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\AdvertisingInfo'
    If (Test-Path $Advertising) {
        Set-ItemProperty $Advertising -Name Enabled -Value 0 -Verbose
    #Stops Cortana from being used as part of your Windows Search Function
    Write-Output "Stopping Cortana from being used as part of your Windows Search Function"
    $Search = 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Search'
    If (Test-Path $Search) {
        Set-ItemProperty $Search -Name AllowCortana -Value 0 -Verbose
    #Stops the Windows Feedback Experience from sending anonymous data
    Write-Output "Stopping the Windows Feedback Experience program"
    $Period1 = 'HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\Siuf'
    $Period2 = 'HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\Siuf\Rules'
    $Period3 = 'HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\Siuf\Rules\PeriodInNanoSeconds'
    If (!(Test-Path $Period3)) {
        mkdir $Period1 -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
        mkdir $Period2 -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
        mkdir $Period3 -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
        New-ItemProperty $Period3 -Name PeriodInNanoSeconds -Value 0 -Verbose -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
    Write-Output "Adding Registry key to prevent bloatware apps from returning"
    #Prevents bloatware applications from returning
    $registryPath = "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\CloudContent"
    If (!(Test-Path $registryPath)) {
        Mkdir $registryPath -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
        New-ItemProperty $registryPath -Name DisableWindowsConsumerFeatures -Value 1 -Verbose -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
    Write-Output "Setting Mixed Reality Portal value to 0 so that you can uninstall it in Settings"
    $Holo = 'HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Holographic'   
    If (Test-Path $Holo) {
        Set-ItemProperty $Holo -Name FirstRunSucceeded -Value 0 -Verbose
    #Disables live tiles
    Write-Output "Disabling live tiles"
    $Live = 'HKCU:\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\PushNotifications'   
    If (!(Test-Path $Live)) {
        mkdir $Live -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue     
        New-ItemProperty $Live -Name NoTileApplicationNotification -Value 1 -Verbose
    #Turns off Data Collection via the AllowTelemtry key by changing it to 0
    Write-Output "Turning off Data Collection"
    $DataCollection = 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\DataCollection'   
    If (Test-Path $DataCollection) {
        Set-ItemProperty $DataCollection -Name AllowTelemetry -Value 0 -Verbose
    #Disables People icon on Taskbar
    Write-Output "Disabling People icon on Taskbar"
    $People = 'HKCU:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\People'
    If (Test-Path $People) {
        Set-ItemProperty $People -Name PeopleBand -Value 0 -Verbose

    #Disables suggestions on start menu
    Write-Output "Disabling suggestions on the Start Menu"
    $Suggestions = 'HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ContentDeliveryManager'   
    If (Test-Path $Suggestions) {
        Set-ItemProperty $Suggestions -Name SystemPaneSuggestionsEnabled -Value 0 -Verbose
     Write-Output "Removing CloudStore from registry if it exists"
     $CloudStore = 'HKCUSoftware\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\CloudStore'
     If (Test-Path $CloudStore) {
     Stop-Process Explorer.exe -Force
     Remove-Item $CloudStore
     Start-Process Explorer.exe -Wait

    #Loads the registry keys/values below into the NTUSER.DAT file which prevents the apps from redownloading. Credit to a60wattfish
    reg load HKU\Default_User C:\Users\Default\NTUSER.DAT
    Set-ItemProperty -Path Registry::HKU\Default_User\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ContentDeliveryManager -Name SystemPaneSuggestionsEnabled -Value 0
    Set-ItemProperty -Path Registry::HKU\Default_User\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ContentDeliveryManager -Name PreInstalledAppsEnabled -Value 0
    Set-ItemProperty -Path Registry::HKU\Default_User\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ContentDeliveryManager -Name OemPreInstalledAppsEnabled -Value 0
    reg unload HKU\Default_User
    #Disables scheduled tasks that are considered unnecessary
    Write-Output "Disabling scheduled tasks"
    #Get-ScheduledTask -TaskName XblGameSaveTaskLogon | Disable-ScheduledTask -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
    Get-ScheduledTask -TaskName XblGameSaveTask | Disable-ScheduledTask -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
    Get-ScheduledTask -TaskName Consolidator | Disable-ScheduledTask -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
    Get-ScheduledTask -TaskName UsbCeip | Disable-ScheduledTask -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
    Get-ScheduledTask -TaskName DmClient | Disable-ScheduledTask -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
    Get-ScheduledTask -TaskName DmClientOnScenarioDownload | Disable-ScheduledTask -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue

#This includes fixes by xsisbest
Function FixWhitelistedApps {
    If(!(Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers | Select Microsoft.Paint3D, Microsoft.MSPaint, Microsoft.WindowsCalculator, Microsoft.WindowsStore, Microsoft.MicrosoftStickyNotes, Microsoft.WindowsSoundRecorder, Microsoft.Windows.Photos)) {
    #Credit to abulgatz for the 4 lines of code
    Get-AppxPackage -allusers Microsoft.Paint3D | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}
    Get-AppxPackage -allusers Microsoft.MSPaint | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}
    Get-AppxPackage -allusers Microsoft.WindowsCalculator | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}
    Get-AppxPackage -allusers Microsoft.WindowsStore | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}
    Get-AppxPackage -allusers Microsoft.MicrosoftStickyNotes | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}
    Get-AppxPackage -allusers Microsoft.WindowsSoundRecorder | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}
    Get-AppxPackage -allusers Microsoft.Windows.Photos | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"} }

Function CheckDMWService {

If (Get-Service -Name dmwappushservice | Where-Object {$_.StartType -eq "Disabled"}) {
    Set-Service -Name dmwappushservice -StartupType Automatic}

If(Get-Service -Name dmwappushservice | Where-Object {$_.Status -eq "Stopped"}) {
   Start-Service -Name dmwappushservice}

Function CheckInstallService {
          If (Get-Service -Name InstallService | Where-Object {$_.Status -eq "Stopped"}) { 
            Start-Service -Name InstallService
            Set-Service -Name InstallService -StartupType Automatic

Write-Output "Initiating Sysprep"
Write-Output "Removing bloatware apps."
Write-Output "Removing leftover bloatware registry keys."
Write-Output "Checking to see if any Whitelisted Apps were removed, and if so re-adding them."
Write-Output "Stopping telemetry, disabling unneccessary scheduled tasks, and preventing bloatware from returning."
#Write-Output "Stopping Edge from taking over as the default PDF Viewer."
Write-Output "Finished all tasks."

Size: 4.14 Gb
Link: Windows 10 x64 Pro Feb 20

Note that a switch-less lite installer for the latest nvidia drivers for win 10 x64 is available here (v442.19)
Only graphics driver and Physx system are installed. Geforce experience is not installed.
It is possible to run this during the installation ($oem$ folder).
Link: Nvidia drivers repack

and here is the link for a switch-less win10 activator (encrypted & automatic).
I encrypted it to store it more easily since some antivirus detect it as a virus. Disable your antivirus before executing the exe (it’s not a virus).
A few seconds later,it’s done.

Chit Chat / Re: What kind of meat (or cheese) is it?
« Last post by scarface on February 13, 2020, 02:38 PM »
Tonight, I'm sharing another excellent recipe: A gratin of vegetables with some beef meat ("une bavette d'aloyau") cooked with shallots. To make this gratin I peeled the potatoes and cut the beans.
With this I'm drinking a famous wine, a Beaume de Venise.
The typical Beaumes-de-Venise wine is a ripe, bright, fruit-driven red with medium body and relatively high alcohol. It is characterized by aromas of raspberry, blackcurrant, leather and sweet spice. Grenache and Syrah - the Rhone Valley's two key red-wine grapes - dominate these wines. Under the Beaumes-de-Venise appellation production laws, Grenache must constitute at least 50% of any wine, complemented by between 25% and 50% Syrah.

Note that I'm currently eating this wonderful gratin. I just opened the bottle of wine and I tasted this Beaume de Venise.
I was afraid I might be disappointed, and if I'm not wrong the last time I drank some Beaume de Venise, it was in Paris in 2015.
And it turns out it's an excellent wine. at 15° of alcohol, it should be pretty strong, and yet it's sweet. This bottle was at 10€. For this price you can be disappointed with a cheap Saint Emilion, but this Beaume de Venise is really exquisite. In my opinion this wine is as good as a Chateau beauséjour bécot which is an excellent wine. (You can get the classification of Saint Emilion here:
For those who are drinking some Chateau cheval blanc or chateau Pavie, I wouldn't give my opinion since I never tested those wines.
It's more expensive than a bottle of Boulaouane, but it's better, there is no doubt about it.

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