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Chit Chat / Re: best clips
« Last post by humbert on Today at 10:12 PM »
Major Saudi oil sites were attacked by Houthi drones. Houthi rebels claimed responsibility for these attacks on Saudi oil facilities.

The Houthis did this? Where do a bunch of ragtag rebels buy 10 drones and learn to use them? What facility in Yemen serves as their base? There is only country that's backing the Houthis and has the drones, the facilities and the know-how. No need to mention names.
Chit Chat / Re: best clips
« Last post by scarface on Today at 03:09 PM »
Tonight, new videos are available on the forum.

“We Are Striking to Disrupt the System”: Climate Activist Greta Thunberg gives an interview.

Jordan teachers strike, one million pupils stay home

The business of poverty and food companies
Chit Chat / Re: General chat room
« Last post by scarface on Today at 06:12 AM »
Today, I noticed an interesting magazine cover in a bar, with the headline "how to buy a laptop or a smartphone without losing one's shirt". You can see that cover below. Note that the French expression "se faire plumer" perfectly fits the picture.
I imagine that usmangujjar and Maher are going to read this message with interest.

As far as laptops are concerned, the magazine is saying that ultraportable are pretty cheap like the Acer Swift 1. If you want a bigger screen, they are also recommending the laptop hp notebook 17 by0024nf.
As for the smartphones, they are recommending the Xiaomi mi9 T.  (I have a Honor 9 lite, it's even cheaper).

Chit Chat / Re: What games are you playing?
« Last post by scarface on Yesterday at 04:08 PM »
Well, it seems the new setup-5.bin for Soma I uploaded fails to decompress. I'll have to do it again.
No matter. I think that all the files contained in this file are not necessary to play the game. This file only contains "hpm_decal" files but I'm not totally positive they are useless. The game uses dds files for the texture and I don't know what hpm_decal stands for, since they are in a "map" folder (the former setup-5.bin also contained "map_cache" files which are useless on recent computers). You can try to install the game without this file (skip the error at the end) and tell me if it works. I will make a new setup.exe or a new setup-5.bin when I have time.
Chit Chat / Re: Financial news and stock markets.
« Last post by scarface on Yesterday at 01:23 PM »
Tomorrow, the opening of the stock markets is likely to be tumultuous. The events in Saudi Arabia could cause a stock market crash indeed. If all the oil production of Saudi Arabia were to cease, it would be a shock for the world economy.
And yet, some countries would not be affected much. It's the case for Palestine, which is subject to an embargo. Few people have cars in this country, and the economy is not based on complex logistics but on local farmers. Unlike Palestine, the United States or the European countries would be busted without oil.
Chit Chat / Re: What games are you playing?
« Last post by scarface on Yesterday at 01:09 PM »
Note that a new repack for Soma is available here:
It's 500 mb smaller. If you already have this repack, you just have to download the new setup-5.bin.
Chit Chat / Re: Documentaries
« Last post by scarface on Yesterday at 10:57 AM »
Today, I’m going to hold a conference to talk about the situation of the people of Gafsa, in Tunisia.

Located some 300 km from the capital, this mining region has the second highest unemployment rate in the country. On the spot, disillusion reigns.

Unemployment, corruption, lack of infrastructure and pollution: In Gafsa, in the center of the country, people lost confidence in politics. Sitting at the TamTam cafe in the city, 360 km south of Tunis, Hiab does not look at his friends, even when they go to him. He responds by keeping his eyes fixed on his phone on which he plays Free Fire, a fighting game. This is how he spends his days. Hiab, 26, and four years of unemployment behind him, seems overwhelmed by disillusionment. He smiles when asked who he will vote for: "I will not move. Elections are a game. Their game, the politicians. All they want is the position and the money that goes with it. "
“We are in prison here, "says the young man who dreams only of leaving the country. Graduated in computer science and mechanics, speaking good English, Hiab was never able to find a stable job. The governorate of Gafsa has the second highest unemployment rate in Tunisia: 25%, against a national average of 15.3%. This rate rises to 39% for young graduates, according to Rim Sai, president of the local branch of the unemployed graduates association. She is part of the "lucky": she was hired in 2018 ... after fourteen years of unemployment  for the 39-year-old woman enjoying a cream coffee.
To get a job, Rim Sai filed a file. The addition of her age, years of unemployment and points about her social situation - she is an orphan - gave her a "score" allowing her to be a priority. She was recruited, with 450 people, on more than 2000 applications. Regardless of her training - in IT, marketing and tourism - Rim was awarded a Human Resources position at the Environmental and Planting Society. The company, which is linked to the Gafsa Phosphate Company (a semi-public company), was created in 2011 to hire unemployed people and calm down social tensions. "People just go to the premises to clock in and do nothing. It's fictional work," says a Gafsa activist.
Rim says she works, and she does not seem to be asking questions about this ubiquitous system. She is relieved: "I have 850 dinars of salary (268 euros). It's happiness." Unlike Hiab, Rim Sai will vote. For Nabil Karoui. The media mogul has been imprisoned on suspicion of money laundering since the end of August. The candidate, whose wife is from Gafsa, has invested heavily in inner regions in recent years, thanks to a charity. "He came here with doctors, who saw the disabled. He helped social cases," argues Rim while acknowledging: "The experience makes me say that we should not expect anything. In 2014, I voted Béji Caïd Essebsi (the president died in July). I do not know what he did, but here he did not do anything. So we have to change. My vote will be a vote of anger. "
Chit Chat / Re: best clips
« Last post by scarface on Yesterday at 05:50 AM »
Today, new videos are available for the users of the forum.

Major Saudi oil sites were attacked by Houthi drones. Houthi rebels claimed responsibility for these attacks on Saudi oil facilities.

In New Zealand, the Kakapo is struggling to survive.

The Iliad by Homer | Summary & Analysis
Thetis delivers new arms forged by Hephaistos to Achilles (Henri Regnault

Les inconnus – hamburger family

Chit Chat / Re: What games are you playing?
« Last post by scarface on September 14, 2019, 04:51 PM »
Today, a new repack for Penumbra Overture and Penumbra Black Plague is available.
Both games are installed. Penumbra requiem is not present in the repack since the last opus is less interesting than the 2 first games.
This repack is 20% smaller than the 2 separate games (only 350 Mb).
Note that you could encounter an error with certain certain configurations, and see the error "Check your OpenAL installation" in Penumbra Black Plague. The necessary files were added to avoid such problems (they were not available in the former repack).


Presentation of Penumbra Overture:

Penumbra: Overture is the first game of the Penumbra series and was originally released on March 30, 2007. Originally titled Penumbra: Overture - Episode One, it was supposed to be the first of three episodes, however Episode Two and Three were scrapped and Penumbra: Black Plague was created in their place, continuing where Penumbra: Overture left off.

The story: Set in the year 2000, Penumbra: Overture follows the story of Philip Buchanon, a thirty-year-old physicist whose mother has recently died. After receiving a mysterious letter from his supposedly dead father, Philip follows a series of clues that lead to him to a mysterious location in uninhabited northern Greenland.

The harsh cold forces him to take shelter in an abandoned mine. Unfortunately, the mine's entrance collapses as he enters it, and he is forced to move deeper inside. Within the mine, Philip discovers diary extracts written by a scientist of some sort, who was alone and gradually resorted to eating cave-dwelling spiders as an alternative food source as his supplies diminished. The unknown person also describes discovering a psychoactive toxin in the spiders and deduced that, after eight months of consuming them in the mine, it was beginning to have an effect on him, physically. Philip also begins receiving radio messages from Tom "Red" Redwood, a man driven insane by cabin fever. Red promises that if he is found, he will give Philip answers. The game follows Philip as he descends deeper into the mines in search of Red while unraveling the secrets of the mine's previous and current inhabitants.

Philip quickly discovers that the mine is inhabited by an ecosystem of abnormally large and hostile animals: dogs, giant spiders, and gargantuan earthworms among others. Abandoned outposts and various scattered papers found throughout the mine indicate that a secret society is studying some unusual phenomena inside the mines.

Following clues and solving various puzzles, Philip eventually comes to an area deep within the mine where Red is waiting for him. Red waits inside an incinerator where he begs Philip to kill him. With no other option, Philip activates the incinerator and, amongst Red's remains, he finds items he needs to progress into a new area of the mine which is identified as "The Shelter". Once inside, Philip notices what appears to be a human watching him. Philip approaches the figure, but the lighting is suddenly extinguished and Philip is knocked out and dragged away.

Presentation of Penumbra: Black Plague:

Penumbra: Black Plague is a creepy and dark psychological horror experience featuring the adventures of Philip as he sets of in search of his dead father. Trapped in a shadowy, underground complex, intrepid explorer Philip is determined to discover the truth behind his father's disappearance. Surrounded by enemies and assaulted by terror from all sides, Philip must collect clues and solve vexing puzzles while combating the gnawing psychological terrors that assail his mind and threaten to strip him of his sanity. Can Philip master his fear and finally uncover the truth behind a mystery that has haunted him for a lifetime?

The story: Penumbra - Black Plague begins as an email sent by Philip Buchanon to a friend, explaining what has happened to him and begging him to finish the work he could not. The rest of the game then proceeds as a flashback narrated by Phillip to his friend in the email, beginning from where the previous game left off.

The game begins with Phillip waking up in a locked room, after being knocked out by an unseen being at the end of the first game. Phillip manages to escape via a nearby air-vent, and finds himself in the underground research facility of the Archaic Elevated Caste, a secret organization dedicated to discovering and researching ancient knowledge. The base is abandoned and in ruins, with all its personnel either dead or transformed into "the Infected", fast, zombie-like creatures that attack Phillip on sight.

Phillip discovers that he has also been infected; however, his reaction to the virus is extremely abnormal; instead of joining the infected hive-mind, he develops a sarcastic, malevolent split-personality that calls itself Clarence who constantly taunts Phillip throughout the course of the game.

Via the base's computer network, Phillip is contacted by Amabel Swanson, an Archaic research scientist who has managed to survive the outbreak by locking herself in her lab. Swanson promises to help cure Philip's infection, if he will make his way to her section of the facility and rescue her.

Through dialogue with Swanson, and various scattered documents found throughout the base, Phillip learns that the Archaic came to Greenland to look for the "Tuurngait," an ancient entity described in native Inuit mythology as primordial spirits native to the area. Penetrating deep underground, the Archaic found and released the Tuurngait, which manifested as a sentient virus that infected the base's personnel. Phillip discovers his father Howard managed to communicate with the Tuurngait, but what he learned drove him to commit suicide after sending Phillip a letter ordering him to destroy his research documents.

Phillip eventually manages to make his way to Amabel's lab, but Clarence causes him to hallucinate and murder Amabel. Using Amabel's lab notes, Phillip manages to rid himself of Clarence by extracting him using a lab machine. However, the machine transfers Clarence into a nearby corpse, which he reanimates and uses to attack Phillip.

Phillip is saved by the Tuurngait itself, as several Infected arrive to destroy Clarence, for Clarence now possesses an individual body and mind rather than part of "the many" in Tuurngait. The Tuurngait communicates directly with Phillip, sending him into his own mind and putting him through a series of spiritual tests designed to test his ability to cooperate, show mercy, and demonstrate self-sacrifice.

Chit Chat / Re: What games are you playing?
« Last post by scarface on September 14, 2019, 12:35 PM »
I imagine that some of you, like shadow.97 or humbert, played Penumbra - overture.
It's a difficult game, maybe you'll need some help:

Note: in order to make smaller repacks, I will try to make an AIO, with Penumbra Black Plague and Penumbra overture.
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