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Chit Chat / Re: best clips
« Last post by scarface on August 19, 2019, 01:35 PM »
Tonight, new videos are available on the forum.

A documentary about clumsy Kakapo

Debating the Likelihood of a Global Economic Recession

Climato skeptics: science, doubt and denial.
In French with English subtitles.

Lobsters - The armoured knights of the oceans
Chit Chat / Re: Financial news and stock markets.
« Last post by scarface on August 19, 2019, 06:44 AM »
On the current levels, I advise you to turn bearish on the US stock markets, with a first target at 2800 points on the s&p 500, especially since the $ is likely to keep rising versus the Euro.
For the European markets, it seems the rebound is not over, and they are less expensive as you can see on the pictures below (the PE for the US is 25% higher than the average European PE).

In the world, only the Indian and New Zealand markets are more expensive (higher price earning ratio).

Chit Chat / Re: New topic Photos
« Last post by scarface on August 19, 2019, 05:16 AM »
Today I'm going to talk about my toothache.
Yesterday , I had to go to the dental emergencies.

I had an absess and apparently it was due to a gum infection.
I was prescribed painkillers (tramadol) and some antibiotics (Amoxicilline). Yesterday I also vomitted and I suspect it was due to the Amoxicilline.
In the meantime, I look like a hamster.
Chit Chat / Re: Financial news and stock markets.
« Last post by scarface on August 19, 2019, 02:47 AM »
Note that once again, I advise you to take advantage of the technical rebound to sell some stocks. I sold a few societe generale this morning. The futures on the Dow Jones are up 200 points. In my opinion it won't last and the European markets will follow, the upward trend will decrease.

In the current context, we'll remain bullish on gold.
Growing global recession fears could push gold prices to $1,600 an ounce or even higher, according to UBS as it updates its gold forecast for the rest of the year.
In a research note released Thursday, Joni Teves, strategist at the Swiss Bank, said that she is increasing her bullish outlook on gold as uncertainty grips financial markets. She said that investors are turning to the yellow metal as the U.S.-China trade war slows economic growth and central banks look to embrace more dovish monetary policies.
Chit Chat / Re: New topic Photos
« Last post by scarface on August 16, 2019, 03:42 PM »
Tonight, new photos are available on the forum.

These pictures of frescoes were taken in Roche La Molière, a town adjoining Saint Etienne, on 15 August 2019.

This fresco comes from the 2019 edition of the SAFIR festival, and drawn by Forez Colors, an association of artists from the Forez region.
They realized this beautiful fresco with dominant Rose in the city center.
Since the building on which the fresco is drawn is to be destroyed, It is likely that this fresco (and perhaps others) is going to disappear quite quickly.

This fresco comes from the 2016 edition of SAFIR festival.
It is the work of Ador and Semor.

Impasse Louis Comté - Roche-la-Molière
This fresco comes from the 2017 edition of the SAFIR festival.
Dan23 was the headliner of this 2017 edition.
At first glance, this fresco disappoints: it is not very big and this huge skull skull is not too much in the habits of the artist - the colors, yes.
In fact, Dan23 wanted to raise a cry of alarm for the oceans. The skull is a melting iceberg, a polar bear is lost at its summit. In the sea, some rubbish, plastic bags, bobbin, and on the surface a platform of oil that oozes its blackish liquid. Oceans are in danger, and so is the planet.

These frescoes come from the 2015 edition of the SAFIR festival.
Two large walls of the parking located in the city center were invested by Kalouf and Jake.
Kalouf is of Gabonese origin and lives in Lyon. He took care of the left side of the wall here, with a fox.
As for Jake, he is an optimistic artist who likes to tell stories. His big white teddy bear may want to point out that even though life is beautiful, it can also be full of danger, especially when we live in the Arctic ...

This photo was taken in Saint Etienne, Rue Cugnot.

In 2011, Ella & Pitr had made here a giant with bare buttocks, sitting on a pile of rubble and with a bird perched on his shoulder. This fresco was controversial and the new municipality wanted to change it. Since Saint-Etienne was receiving some matches of the Euro of football, the theme of football was chosen.
Football is not really the cup of tea of ​​this couple of artists from Saint Etienne. "We were not going to lie and lie to those who know us by proposing something classic ..." After careful consideration, they chose a referee, because "it is the character who is the most important in the world of football because it represents parity, accuracy, loyalty, it is he who enforces the rules of the game... He is lying because he been refereeing too many matches and he is exhausted. To be fair is difficult, it is a real job. ".

Ella and Pitr also made the biggest fresco of Europe, in Paris.
Those who are in Mumbai, India, have probably seen this one.
Sassoon docks, Mumbai

Essalois Castle is located on the town of Chambles, in the Loire department, overlooking Lake Grangent and the Loire from its rocky outcrop. Listed site of the gorges of the Loire, it was built in the twelfth century on the remains of a Gallic oppidum.

The current castle was largely from the 16th century. Plundered at the end of the sixteenth century by the troops of Honoré d'Urfé, it was sold as a national asset following the French Revolution in the eighteenth century.

The building has been in permanent restoration since the 1980s, and can be visited freely today. Its tower offers a magnificent view of the surroundings of the town.

Chit Chat / Re: New topic Photos
« Last post by scarface on August 15, 2019, 06:32 AM »
At the current price, I think it can be interesting to buy societe generale...for a technical rebound.

I was right yesterday when I told you to avoid the car industry: bmw and Renault are among the biggest losers of the estx50.

Not that Eramet is plummeting, losing 4.2% at 36.80€. Since it broke its support at 37.50€, I will wait for the next 33€.
Chit Chat / Re: Financial news and stock markets.
« Last post by scarface on August 15, 2019, 04:52 AM »
The cac 40 is nosediving. It's now losing roughly 1% amid plunging treasury yields.
Chit Chat / Re: Financial news and stock markets.
« Last post by scarface on August 15, 2019, 03:24 AM »
I still see a lot of bearishness in the markets. This morning, the European markets are red, despite a positive opening. The Cac 40 and the Dax are both declining by 0.10%.
Microsoft Windows / Re: Windows 7 Component Store Cleanup - Rebase
« Last post by Vasudev on August 15, 2019, 01:58 AM »
Hey the new w7 sp1 ESD didn't work. It was getting stuck at loading Windows and never progressed further. So, I used your March edition W7 for my office VM ASAP.
Actually, I don't know if I'll release a win7 edition this month. And I don't see the point in using it any more since windows 10 x64 is working (The differences between win 7 and win 10 are slight).
Besides, I have an issue installing kb4512506, the monthly rollup released yesterday. I don't know why it can't be installed.
If Maher was making new win7 isos again, I would gladly stop releasing new versions.
I consider this version as a masterpiece (, and making a larger iso of an older OS doesn't make sense.

In the meantime, the July edition of Windows 7 is still available. According to my tests it's working with the esd version, and I don't know why it wouldn't work either.
If you can't use the esd version, well, you can still go back to wim with this cmd: dism /export-image /SourceImageFile:install.esd /SourceIndex:1 /DestinationImageFile:install.wim /Compress:max /CheckIntegrity
Geez, why didn't I think of that! I could've converted it to Wim. I feel stupid now!
Microsoft Windows / Re: Windows 7 Component Store Cleanup - Rebase
« Last post by scarface on August 14, 2019, 05:31 PM »
Apparently, a lot of users stumbled upon the same problem with kb45112506 with windows 7. I had error 80092004 too, trying to install it with the July release.
It seems a solution can be found here. I'll test that later to see if I can install it then.
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