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Windows 7 Component Store Cleanup - Rebase

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Windows 7 Component Store Cleanup - Rebase

NEWS: Version 1.1 has been released.

Rebase stands for Resetbase. Its name is inspired from the /Resetbase argument of the DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool) command in Windows 8.1 and later. This argument, when parsed to the DISM command‐line tool, will deeply clean up the Windows Component Store, saving lots of Megabytes. The purpose of Rebase is to bring this functionality back to Windows 7.

Rebase cleans all inactive versions of almost every component in the component store and saves a lot of disk space. Windows Component Store (aka winsxs) is the single place that contains all versions of operating system files organized in groups called component families.
Rebase tool will scan each active component family and remove any unused file versions from that folder.

Rebase is not available for free. It costs 10 USD for personal use. Price is higher, but negotiable, for commercial use. Payment methods: Bitcoin or Paypal (you have to contact me first).

If you are interested, you can mail me at to discuss payment details.

Features of rebase:

*     You cannot remove any previously installed updates and service packs after running rebase. This does not affect installation and removal of future updates. All updates are still visible (but non-removable) in Control Panel.
*     Works online and offline.
*     Keeps only the active and base versions of every component in the component store. Runtime components which require multiple versions to be present (e.g CRT, ATL) are not affected.
*     Properly removes components so that both Windows File protection and System Update readiness tool are satisfied.
*     Optionally compresses base versions of components to minimize disk footprint. The same method is used by dism /resetbase in Windows 8.1 and later to compress the Component Store.
*     NEW IN VERSION 1.1: Optionally hide all installed updates from "View installed updates" Control Panel applet.
Documentation and EULA available at: Documentation for Version 1.1

You must read and accept the EULA before purchasing a license to use this software. Carefully read the documentation before using the software.

Release Trailer (Old version 1.0):
Win7 Pro x86 winsxs reduced from: 6.77 GB to 5.29 GB without the extreme option, 4.40 GB with the extreme option

Some limited-time proof-of-concept projects showing how rebase works:

1 - Windows 7 UltraLite ISO by scarface.

Size of scarface ISO before rebase was 2.7 GB.

Current size: about 2.2 GB.

Link (latest version with Rebase 1.1):!dIMhGQ7S!fobt7IaC4nrlDD_pkHLozphJOjdWcbpUazasaYat-Rk

2 - Windows 7 Unofficial SP2 March 2016 by harkaz

W7USP2 x64-only ISO - March 2016: The final release ever. Size: 4.95 GB only. A demo of Rebase 1.1 functionality with all the latest Windows 7 x64 updates professionally slipstreamed, privacy tweaks and more. All Retail versions included. .NET 4.6.1 included.

Kind Reminder: A license to use Rebase 1.1 has to be purchased separately. Contact me at for details. Rebase 1.1 will no longer be supported as of October 1, 2016.

Release Info (PDF):!kV8m2Loa!QykI1cibWooYbUKZhH1Tw8RBOShIf0W8Upg93hta7q8

Download ISO (timestamped):!9d1SRBaQ!G8IipJzBTwP0_wdLTqQyMSSjObkatM6Obag97QQ0dFI

I tested the iso in a vm. It's very good. It's a good tool that harkaz has done, I hope some users will buy it on the forum. More than 2gb have been deleted from the winsxs folder I had trimmed down. Maybe Microsoft would be interested in this tool. With a normal iso, the install of windows takes up roughly 14gb. This one only takes up 8gb. For a big hdd, it's not significant, but on a ssd of 100 or 200gb, it's a difference.

@Harkaz: Is it your project? Does it corrupt any windows store components specifically those files needed during SFC and DISM. For me(sister's lappie) dism /resetbase always corrupted msi installer and even checked on my friend's lap, same problem persists. Only workaround, is to register msiserver in safe mode everytime before using any installer using MSI technology. That's why i upgraded it to 10 and the same problem again occurred, re-registered msi and now everything works w/o any problems.

Yes, it is my project.

Haven't noticed any problems with MSI at all (I've installed MSI apps after using my tool, like ntLite).

SFC /SCANNOW and CHECKSUR are ok, as you can see in the release trailer.

@scarface I'll send you a PM later to give you the necessary details.


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