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What games are you playing?

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Hellos to you all

Besides meddling around with windows xp, 7, 8 or whatever software... What do you guys & gals play nowadays on  your PCs..'

Starting by myself.. Doom 3 BFG edition.. I played I & II back in 90s & 3 is a great game for catching up that has been tweaked & improved..

What are you playing?

Hello, comrade.  :)

Well, he-he... My main "game" at last three month was Eclipse IDE for PHP. :) That was a LOT of work, lol! :)

As for true games - my favorites today between FPS is Unreal Tournament (2k4 and III) and Operation Flashpoint - last one mostly because of it enormous modding and editing abilities (ArmA as well, but now it isn't set on my PC); in RTS - WH40k DoW series, I have them all and very like to play it. I also like hardcore avia- and spacesims very much, I playing MSFS 2k4 or Orbiter 2k10 every Saturday. (Today I was frustrated by my joystick, look like my Logitech don't want to work in ForceFeedback mode, damn!)
In mass, my gaming interests is for search non standart, interesting, or extremely exciting, outstanding games (well outstanding means that they are outstanding for me, not for game observers from journals :) ). If I found something like this, I put this game in my collection.

Actually, I'm not play a lot. Before last year I played much more, but then I understand that long gaming is (as for me, don't know how for other people) a try to hide myself from problems and prevent me to live real life. And because of this, I stopped to play a lot, and now playing mostly at weekends.

I'm not much of a gamer, but Diablo III is one game I've been in love with since the first edition was released years ago. I'm simply hooked on it. A strong graphics card would help tremendously.

I only have farcry. Ive finished all the mods on

Currently I have Leauge of Legends, as my whole class plays it we have created a new ranked team.
Otherwise; Garry's mod, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Battlefield 3(even if it lags^^), Counterstrike Source, and more, but my friends usually call me out to play games together, so I usually get controlled by them.
Currently I'm just fooling around trying to make Ubuntu run properly on a thumbdrive.


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