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What games are you playing?

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Re: What games are you playing?
« Reply #310 on: November 10, 2019, 06:08 AM »
Today, the repack of Resident evil 2 – remake is available on the forum.

Size: 14.8 Gb
Link: Resident Evil 2 remake v1.02

The repacks contains update 2 with Extra content. The Denuvo protection was removed.

The plot:
Two months after the events of Resident Evil, most of Raccoon City citizens have been turned into zombies by a leak of Umbrella's T-Virus. At a gas station outside town, rookie police officer Leon S. Kennedy meets college student Claire Redfield, who is looking for her brother Chris.
After being separated in Raccoon City, Leon and Claire agree to meet up at the Raccoon police department. The building is infested by zombies, and other monsters including the T-00, or "Tyrant", dispatched to hunt down and kill any survivors. The creatures and various obstacles prevent Leon and Claire from actually reuniting as they are forced to find a way to escape Raccoon City.

Note that the game Wolfenstein The new colossus is not available any longer. It will leave the space needed for this game.
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