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Re: Documentaries
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Tonight, I'm going to hold another conference. aa1234779 must be wondering if I'm going to talk about Maurice, the rooster. Actually, I will talk about Maurice if I have more news about the trial. Currently, I'm going to talk about Qalqilya, the biggest town of Palestine and secondarily the town of the administrator of the forum.

Here you can see a few photos of the town.

The road network seems to be in excellent condition.

A big mosque

The local market. It seems poverty does not exist in this country. You can't see any beggar. They must be hiding in the sewers or in the subway stations, like in New York.

It's hard to know the population of Qalqilya. Some sources say 40 000 inhabitants, others say 90 000. As you can see on the photo, it's a major town in the Middle East.

It looks like the X games spot.

Qalqilya is a memorable city for many reasons, but there is surely no other city in the world as completely cut off from its suburbs. The Israeli division wall strangles this large and lively city, hemming it in on three sides. But it is still an attractive place once inside, and very green comparatively. There are palm trees and small orchards in abundance. The only zoo in the West Bank is to be found in Qalqilya, serving as its main attraction. But the market – much smaller than that of Nablus and Jerusalem – is a quirky and interesting place to stroll, where friendly vendors will welcome a foreigner with open arms.
Qalqilya is also famous for another reason. There are documentaries about skaters and their misfit gang, the x-games.

Note that I made a mistake: the fourth photo is not Qalqilya but Cairo. Some of you probably noticed it.
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