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Re: Documentaries
« Reply #80 on: May 24, 2018, 04:50 PM »
Tonight I'm going to talk about a well-known recruiter of Mujhaideen in Syria.

Is this man going to become the next caliph of Syria? The one that Muslims have been waiting for centuries?

I don't think so. But Omar Diaby Omsen, the French-Senegalese recruiter of Jihadists said he should take advantage of the Islamic State's debacle in Syria and Iraq. This is what the French secret services predict, according to Mediapart.

ISIS's defeat in Syria and Iraq puts foreign jihadists in an uncomfortable posture.
While the majority of them prefer to follow the organization's hard-line approach to fighting until they become "martyr", others seem to opt for another choice. This is what we learn from an article in Mediapart on the prospects of jihad in 2018.

According to the journalist Mathieu Suc who draws his information from the interviews he had with the secret services, the majority of French jihadists who have joined Daesh don't want to leave the organization. On the other hand, some of those who left the IS are going to join the French-speaking katiba of Omar Diaby.

Once a subsidiary of Jabhat as Nosra, Firqatul Ghuraba (the unit of foreigners) is now affiliated with Hayat Tahrir as Sham, a coalition of Syrian insurgent groups led by the former representative of Al Qaida in Syria, Abu Mouhamed al-Joulani. For the French secret services, the transfer of jihadists to the katiba of Omar Omsen located in northwestern Syria is expected to intensify in 2018.

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Re: Documentaries
« Reply #81 on: May 25, 2018, 11:41 AM »
I'm asking the users of the forum to be patient. Another conference will take place here soon. What's more, the repack of Farcry 4 is being compressed. Hopefully it wil be smaller than fitgirl's repack, If not I won't release it but it should be below 10,8 gb. Anyway, the script will be complex since files are reflated one by one before compression for a smaller size (otherwise we can't be below 13gb), and the repack will recompress them into their original format.
Some films will be released too, and I know that the users of the forum want the best ones.
Finally, maybe I will make a special message about the paintings of the Invalides that are already available on the forums. But without comments, I guess that Danill and aa1234779 don't really understand what they are looking at.
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Re: Documentaries
« Reply #82 on: May 25, 2018, 08:42 PM »
You're right as I don't have an idea about that. Eager to know though.
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Re: Documentaries
« Reply #83 on: May 26, 2018, 10:05 AM »
Today, I'm going to hold an exceptional conference about LafargeHolcim.

LafargeHolcim, world leader in cement, will close its Paris headquarters along with it office in Zurich. 200 jobs will be cut.

Four years after the announcement of the merger between French and his Swiss rival Holcim, all power will be concentrated in Switzerland.
It must have been a "marriage of equals". "Nobody buys anyone! " said Bruno Lafont, then boss of Lafarge. Four years after the announcement of the merger between the French cement champion and his Swiss rival Holcim, this fiction has definitely ended.
Friday, May 25, the world leader in cement announced its intention to close the Paris headquarters of the group. An eminently symbolic gesture. From now on, all power will be concentrated in Switzerland, where the organization will also be reviewed. In total, this restructuring should, according to the management, lead to the cut of around 200 jobs: 107 jobs in Switzerland and 97 jobs in Paris.

Since the merger, LafargeHolcim has two headquarters, one rue des Belles-Feuilles, in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, the other in Switzerland. Teams are shared between the two locations. The entire internal audit and the health and safety departments are located in the former Lafarge headquarters, as well as some of the communication, human resources and legal department heads.

Lafarge in the 16th arrondissement

Spectacular deficit in 2017

A fragile balance threatened for several weeks. In March, on the occasion of the presentation of the annual results, the new boss of the group, the Swiss Jan Jenisch, did not hide that he wondered about the maintenance of two seats. While unveiling major losses, the CEO then announced initial cost-saving measures, including the removal of a management level and the closure of its regional headquarters in Singapore and Miami. "Nothing has been decided yet about Paris," said LafargeHolcim.

Today, the group takes action. "This painful but necessary step of simplification is essential to create a lighter, faster and more competitive LafargeHolcim," Jan Jenisch said in his statement.

In France, the reorganization is based on the historic headquarters of Lafarge, these 12,000 square meters where 200 to 300 people work. The positions that will not be eliminated will be transferred to Clamart, in the Paris suburbs, where LafargeHolcim already has a large presence.

In Switzerland, LafargeHolcim also plans to close its Zurich office and transfer posts to the town of Holderbank, where Holcim opened its first cement plant in 1912, as well as to the Zug office.

In 2017, LafargeHolcim suffered a net loss of 1.7 billion Swiss francs (1.5 billion euros), after a profit of 1.8 billion in 2016. This spectacular deficit is explained by the truth operation launched on the accounts of the group after the departure of his former leaders, the French Bruno Lafont and the American Eric Olsen. The two men were swept away in the wake of the Syrian scandal, revealed by Le Monde, Lafarge being accused of having financed terrorist groups to maintain the activity of its cement plant in Jalabiya, in northern Syria, at the beginning of years 2010.

The cement plant of Jalabiya in Northern Syria

It was found that by September 2014 Lafarge was paying 20 000$ per month to the Islamic State to keep its cement plant. But it wasn’t enough: soon the Jihadists would take over the factory.

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Re: Documentaries
« Reply #84 on: May 28, 2018, 05:23 PM »
Tonight, I'm going to talk about climate change.

Another proof of climate change? April Was The 400th Straight Hotter Than Average Month.

Like A Virgin by Madonna was top in the music charts last time Earth had a colder than average month. Last April marked 400 consecutive months where our planet's temperature was hotter than average, a record stretching back to December of 1984.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced the milestone recently, confirming that we are unequivocally living on a warming planet. The governmental agency notes that while another warming milestone has been reached, the signs have been clear for decades.

Professors, government scientists, independent agencies, and industry scientists all use the 20th-century average as the benchmark from which they compare today's temperatures. This ensures people around the world are using the same temperatures as a baseline.

While there is cyclicity in climate and hence average global temperatures, the consistent and prolonged degree to which Earth has been on the hotter spectrum makes it clear there are external factors at play. When comparing long-term historical records, it is clear there is a warming trend.

Governmental agencies have all agreed, the warming trend seen in recent decades is mainly due to humans emitting greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. Acting like a blanket placed over Earth, increased concentrations of carbon dioxide warm the planet by trapping in heat. The simple physics can be easily replicated by at home experiments and has been confirmed thousands of times in studies across the world.

Oil companies, professors, a wide array of industries, and governmental agencies around the world have all agreed that Earth is warming and the primary cause is from humans. However, hydrocarbons remain a vital component in global energy systems, especially for developing countries without the means or technology to implement widespread renewables.

Europe just had its warmest April in recorded history and we saw extreme heat waves with southern Pakistan reaching 122.4 degrees Fahrenheit on April 30th. Looking at the other side of the same coin, carbon dioxide levels just reached 410 parts per million, higher than it has been in the past 800,000 years.

As temperatures continue to rise, they do so disproportionately in higher latitudes. We've seen significantly more warming in the Arctic and Antarctica than in the tropics, leading to more ice melted and higher sea levels. While humans are not significantly impacted by the warming temperatures, they produce an array of issues elsewhere. Here are just a few ways a changing climate will impact humans indirectly.

    Many animals and plants require specific temperature ranges to survive, making extinction much more likely.
    Humans rely on consistent weather patterns to know where to grow crops and where to live. A changing climate and disproportional high latitude warming will change rainfall patterns. This leads to multi-year droughts in populated areas, floods in previously dry regions, and lack of rain in once fertile farmland.
    Warming high latitudes melt ice, causing the sea level to rise. This exacerbates flooding in low lying and coastal cities, especially so during storms or hurricanes.

In the case for a warming planet, the past is the key to the future and by all accounts, the planet will continue to change at unprecedented rates.

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Re: Documentaries
« Reply #85 on: May 29, 2018, 03:10 PM »
Here are a few videos for the users of the forum.

The technology of the T1000 terminator

Beware of this terrible worm

The situation in Gaza

The rise of the third Reich. Interesting for those who don't know Hitler.

You won't believe the state of the Paris metro

Omar Souleyman - Warni Warni (Official Video)

The Alberta oil: Canadian prosperity, Global nightmare

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Re: Documentaries
« Reply #86 on: June 02, 2018, 05:02 PM »
Here are other interesting videos for the users of the forum.

Can we save energy growth and jobs at the same time? For Jancovici it's going to be a difficult equation.

The US market could crash in June with the dire situation in Italy.

A waxing demonstration. Apparently this user couldn't get past the registration process of the forum because she was a bit too hairy. After the waxing session, it should be good (Don't watch this if you are not at least 35 like me).

How to turn 300 000$ into 5 cents

Avicii - Last dance

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Re: Documentaries
« Reply #87 on: June 03, 2018, 06:58 AM »
Once again, here are some good videos for the users of the forum. I’m sure that humbert and aa1234779 revel in watching them.

Heil trump

The party of David Feta

The collapsologist Yves Cochet, with English subtitles

Mr mondialisation, the work, why? With English subtitles

Will Deutsche Bank crash and become the next Lehman?

Tobacco industry and its deadly strategies

How dangerous Microsoft software can be for Europe?

Poisoned Fields - Glyphosate, the underrated risk?
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Re: Documentaries
« Reply #88 on: June 17, 2018, 05:38 AM »
Once again, here are some interesting videos:

Why the US stock market could fall in the next months.

A documentary about Osama Bin Laden, especially for aa12344779

The ruins of Raqqa, documentary

The American dream is turned into poverty

Vincent Mignerot: anticipating the economic collapse? (In French)

Tobacco: the big manipulation, in French

The economic decline, a necessity to avoid the collapse (conference in French, held by an engineer)

Jancovici: Anticipate the energy collapse

The cheapest places in the USA : Detroit, Milwaukee, St Louis, Flint, Albany, Memphis or Merced.

Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes, and the cult of the Silicon Valley

Hitler reacts to Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal

Basic Instinct, the Afghan Version.

Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said “Surah (chapter of) Hud and its sisters turned my hair gray"

Hud (11)