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Hello everyone :)

Some of you need to run Windows XP with his own language other than English (The default).

So, this is a program which contains about 28 Language Packs for Windows XP SP3.

You can switch between languages with one click without restarting your computer.

This is the program interface:

--- Code: (Language Packs in the program) ---Arabic , Bulgarian , Croatian , Czech ,
Danis , Dutch Standard , Estonian , Finnish ,
French Standard , German , Greek , Hebrew ,
Hungarian , Italian , Latvian , Lithuanian ,
Norwegian , Polish , Portuguese Brazil , Portuguese Standard ,
Romanian , Russian , Spanish Modern Sort , Slovak ,
Slovenian , Swedish , Thai , Turkish
--- End code ---


Name Application : Language Packs.exe
Size Application : 260.0 MB
MD5 : 8F44A9E3587D09292439EB9CA043C210

You can download it from this link:   [Torrent]
pick any site from these ones:   [Torrent]
4Shared:   [Direct Download Links]
Language Packs.part1.rar
Language Packs.part2.rar
Language Packs.part3.rar


Good job finding it for XP. You don't happen to have it for windows 7 that is tested, would help if my mom could use the shared computer

To shadow.97:I think only w7ultimate and enterprise can use MUI. Youll find a list here:
Perhaps the specialist Ahmad has a 3rd party application of his own to suggest.


Really, I don't have any application for that.
I just found this application for XP in an Arabic site, so I shared it, as I saw many people asking for language packs for XP which do not exist in Microsoft site such as Arabic.

anyway I think the link I posted is working even if I didnt test it.


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