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Change values

Started by Orepex, March 18, 2013, 06:20 PM

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sorry for my english, but it is limited   
i don't know if this is the exactly section where i can post my question...
However, i'm going to explain you my problem
In the past i was able to became owner in the chat of xat using the program "cheat engine".
I selected "string", writing <<member>>, on value type, then i did the "first scan".
After this, the list of the members online appeared in the left box. I selected them and i added them in the down box.
I put the check mark on them and after selected i clicked enter and i changed the values, like writing <<owner>>
In the past this way worked! now doesn't work! I have thought that the data that you i'm referring to was shifted server-side, prohibiting write access.
Do you know any other program that can help me?


Your language is pleasant to my ears. It seems you require a specialist able to do some reverse engineering things. Unfortunately I dont know xat. Im not 12 to go to chat rooms. Still, Im sure another specialist here will be able to give you advice.