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Started by Shadow.97, August 06, 2016, 09:39 AM

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I've been pretty lucky. I have yet to lose and SSD. I did lose an HDD but only because I plugged and and unplugged cables without realizing the power was still on. So far I have not been able to recover the data. It's still sitting in my drawer, someone might figure out a way to recover it.


I disappeared for a few days because I was a bit weary. In the meanwhile the forum has been pretty calm. Shadow.97 and humbert posted a few messages.
Since there is a restructuring of services and job cuts where I work, I was asked to say if I wanted to stay in the Hauts de Seine, in another office, or go elsewhere. I had an incentive of 25000€ if I chose another job in the provinces. That's what I did. I learnt today that I will move to the department of Isère in the southeast of France. The main town is Grenoble. If there is a recession, or if there is no more oil or electricity, I guess it's better to live in the "countryside" than in the Paris region anyway.

Maybe some of you followed the financial markets today. European stocks rose sharply this morning, the cac 40 was up 2.5% and the dax up 2.8 but they both finished on a down note, since Us stocks are falling after rally, as traders digest Fed decision. The S&P 500, Dow and Nasdaq are dropping sharply, with losses accelerating during intraday trading. The Nasdaq sank by 5% just after noon in New York.

Note that I'm planning to post new videos soon (in the topic "best clips").
Next week there will be new versions for windows 10 & 11 (and 7 maybe).
This Sunday, I'm planning to go to Paris to take new photos. I already chose a neighborhood that Vasudev and humbert probably don't know.


Quote from: scarface on May 05, 2022, 06:16 PMI had an incentive of 25000€ if I chose another job in the provinces. That's what I did.[/img]
That's a lot of money. I would probably not think twice, atleast long enough to get the cash. Then consider getting casually browisng for a new job at the previous location.