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What games are you playing?

Started by aa1234779, October 27, 2012, 12:10 AM

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Note that I'm planning to release (once again) a smaller version of Crysis 3 remastered. I've been able to reencode some .usm videos.
Since usm videos can be found in various games, and in case you want to modify them, I'm giving you the explanations to reencode them:
- Extract  the usm videos with vgm toolbox
- For the videos, reencode m2v to avi with Mediacoder (choose a MPEG4 encoder, and apply a high bitrate since you'll choose the final bitrate later, in Scaleform video encoder)
- For the audio tracks, reencode adx to wav with PES sound file converter
- Finally, convert the avi and wav files to usm videos with Scaleform video encoder.


Note that  new repacks are available on the forum:

Amnesia Rebirth (3 Gb smaller)
The frictional Games AIO (1 GB smaller)
Crysis 3 remastered (500 mb smaller)


To make the 3 new repacks (see the message above), I worked a lot, and I reduced the size of the normal dds. It was pretty hard since only paint.net supports them (xnview is displaying an error message), and I reduced the size of hundreds of dds files. I'd like to make smaller repacks for dishonored 2 and the room series games, but it's hard since the files are embedded in "assets" files in these games. If you know how to modify these files, send me a message.