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Here is Virtual Clone drive v5.5.2.0 silent installer made by me.
for xp/7/8/10 x86/x64
includes virtual clonedrive & certificate

Virtual clonedrive does the same things as daemon tools, but I find it easier to use. What's more, the installer is totally clean.

I use DT w/o the bloat. Just uncheck SPTD driver while installing.


--- Quote from: Fuj on May 30, 2015, 12:04 PM ---I was mainly referring to emulation features (SecuRom etc; I don't know if they're available in DT Lite). VCD is 'bare bones', which is exactly what I want from this type of software.

--- End quote ---
Yes they're available. There's a new update called DT10 looks like win 10 with strict MS signatures and no kernel patching I guess.

I'm curious about something. Not being totally sure what you meant by "Virtual Clonedrive", I did a search and discovered it's basically taking an ISO (or similar) and mounting it as a virtual drive. That being the case, why do you guys bother to look for software that does this? If you wanted to do that with Windows 8.1 , simply right click the ISO and select "Mount". I've done it a few times before and it works great.

Then again you could simply extract the ISO's files and run the setup program.

With Win8.1 and above there is an option for mounting ISO w/o third party apps. Will you reserve your Windows 10 upgrade?


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