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automatic updates

Started by mechanic, August 19, 2013, 09:14 AM

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hello everyone,

im new here. i want to ask if i can turn on the windows automatic update with maherz xp release and receive updates from windows without any problem?


As xp will be discontinued soon, its probably not an essential feature.
I cant make a positive statement about it but its quite probable that it can. Wait a confirmation from a specialist using this iso. Or test that feature under a virtual machine (if youre strong enough, I even think the specialist harkaz had given some useful information to update it with sysprep as the procedure differs from following os).


I've never had trouble automatically updating Windows. I mean all versions, even as far back as Windows 95.

@Scarface - one thing I've been warning people forever is that support for XP will be discontinued in 2014, which means no more updates. I don't know why you think this isn't important given that the vast majority of updates involve security-related matters.


I didnt say it was not important, I just said this feature wont be useful for long now.


Hi guys
Automatic updates permit clients on stay with their product projects updated without Hosting will check to What's more introduce accessible updates manually. The product will automatically check to accessible updates, What's more assuming that found, those updates need aid downloaded What's more introduced without client intervention.
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