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How to reduce Windows 7 ISO

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Here some members are saying that updated ISO or Maher's release can't be fit on the DVD, here is guide to decrease the ISO size.
In this guide no major files are included to delete, so this version will be update-able and working well.
1: PC with enough space and at least Windows 7 installed.
2: Windows 7 DVD/ISO.
3: 7zip or any other extraction utility.
5: Gimagex.
6: Take Ownership Registry file
1: Create a folder name "7lite work", under this folder create two more folders name "W7" and "Mount".
2: Copy Windows 7 DVD contents into the "W7" folder. If you have iso, than extract it to this folder.
3: Double click on "Take Ownership" registry file and merge it into your Windows.
Befor deleting any file, right click on it and click on "Take Ownership", otherwise deletion can not be done.
4: Don't close the Gimagex when the image mounted, and don't close or open any created folders when running NTLITE
or gimagex.
5: It is better to close any opened windows and disable your AV program to speed up the process.

I used NTLITE just for keeping only Windows 7 Ultimate,
you can use your desired edition, e.g. Windows 7 Professional.

How to use NTLITE for keeping only single edition:
1: Run the NTLITE and click on the "Add" button, here browse "W7" folder.
2: Right click on your desired edition and "Load" it.
3: Click on last "Apply" tab, then uncheck all buttons on the top screen, just check the box of "Export image".
4: Now click on "Start" button and wait until the procces completes.
5: After the whole NTLITE process completed, exit it.

How to use Gimagex:

1: Run the "Gimagex", and click on the "Mount" tab.
2: Click on the Browse button in the front of Mount point and now browse here the  "Mount" folder.
3: Click on the Browse bitton in the front of Source and browse the folder "W7" and open "install.wim".
4: Check the boxes of "Read and Write" & "Commit Changes", then click on "mount" button. and wait until the image is mounted.
5: Show the hidden files and hidden operating system files, as image:

Delete these files:

- Open 7lite work\Mount\Users\Public, and delete the folder "Sample Music", "Sample Pictures",
   "Sample Videos" and "Sample Media".(Windows sample music and videos pitures)

- Open 7lite work\Mount\Windows\Globalization and delete the folder "MCT".(Locale Themes packs)
- Open 7lite work\Mount\Windows and delete the folder "Media".(all Windows sounds)
- Delete the folder "Performance" from above path. (Windows experince index tool, formerly WinSAT)
- Delete the folder "Help" from same path.(Help files)
- Open 7lite work\Mount\Windows\Resources\Ease of Access Themes and delete all files except "basic.theme".
- Open 7lite work\Mount\Windows\Resources\Themes and delete all files except "Aero" folder and "aero.theme".
- Open 7lite work\Mount\Windows\Web\Wallpaper and delete all folders except "Windows".
- Open 7lite work\Mount\Windows\winsxs\Backup and delete all files.
- Open 7lite work\Mount\Windows\System32\Recovery and delete "winRE.wim".
6: Empty the Recyclebin.

Now select the file under "Unmount" and click on "unmount" button.
Note: Don't close the Gimagex windows until whole process completed, just minimize it.

Finalize with NTLITE/ make ISO:

1: Run the NTLITE, and browse "W7" folders.
2: Now click on "Crete ISO" button and save the ISO with desired name.

Now the ISO size decreased between 3-700MBs.
I worked on Windows 7 x86, same procedure will work on x64 version.
May be a difference of some files location.

Further note: I will make whole tutorial better, and test if the Windows 7 install.wim converted to the ESD (new high compression method introduced in Windows 8, it dramatically decrease the size of install.wim by converting it to install.wim).

I thought NTLite was not available for 7/8. A good tutorial indeed. BTW i used WinReducer  to reduce 100-200 megs.

@Vasudev- NTLITE is specialy designed for Windows 7 and later MS OS.
I used WinReducer, it is nice as it is free. but it has some complexities for new users.

Adjusting presets in WinReducer is little tricky for beginners, but it gets the job done.

In another topic, usmangujjar was talking about a piece of software called Ntlite, and he wanted to test a full version. Well, here it is. It's an old version, so using this doesn't prevent you from buying a licensed version.

Btw, I tested this one on windows 10 and ended up with a "Nls data is missing" when installing.
Maybe the specialist harkaz could test this with windows 10 if he's interested, and tell me if he has such an error.
It seems this error is linked with fonts and Ntlite is indeed removing fonts, though there is no font box to uncheck in the removal section...


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