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What games are you playing?

Started by aa1234779, October 27, 2012, 12:10 AM

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Maybe some of you want to play the latest opus of the Resident Evil games, known as Resident Evil 4 remake.
I confirm that I'm planning to release a repack (in the coming weeks)


Note that I tested the game Resident Evil 4 remake, and it turns out it is excellent.
However, it might be a big difficult for Guliver, shadow.97 and humbert. I had to refer to online documentation to move forward in the game.
I took a few screenshots that you can find below.

I made a repack of 41 GB (vs 56,5 Gb for the whole game). It's too big for my online space, so there will be no repack of RE4. If I can make a significantly smaller repack, I will put it online though.

I hope shadow.97 and Vasudev are not making such experiments at home.


Diablo IV will be out in a few days as of this writing. I got it early because I bought something additional. Not too sure what it is.

The game is amazing! I'm still learning the new things and it's going to take a while. The configuration menu even sees the video card you're using and adjusts itself accordingly. DLSS3 is supported and can be set to "Ultra", not to mention ray tracing. It even has a setting specific to Nvidia's RTX-4000 series! I wish I had waited a few months before upgrading my video card. I went for an RXT-3060 believing that the 4000 series was overkill. Now they've dropped the price on the 4000 series to almost as low as what I paid for the RTX-3060. Oh well.... even so, the game plays great on my RTX-3060.


Note that a new repack of Resident Evil 2 remake is available here (13,4gb only):

It's a repost, in case someone is still interested in this game.

This RE2 is the remake of the classic PS1 horror game from the late 90's. You follow two survivors, rookie police officer Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, sister of the original game's Chris Redfield as they search the amazingly claustrophobic Racoon City to discover the truth as to why the local populace have turned into the flesh-devouring undead and other more dangerous monsters. By survival-horror game standards especially, the gameplay is outstanding.