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Which FREE Anti-Virus and Firewall suites are good??

Started by jabronie, December 18, 2012, 08:23 AM

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Hey everybody,

I was wondering some good choices for free anti virus and firewall suites. I have the trail version of AVG 2013 and will run out in a few days. just wondering which ones are good for being free, I was thinking of going with zone alarm for firewall and prob avg free version for anti virus, thanks in advance


Here on the forum on several occasions I've seen surveys regarding the best antivirus programs, both free and paid. I don't remember the link, but you might want to do a search for it.

I'm assuming you're running XP. If you're running Windows 7 or 8, in all honesty I wouldn't even bother to search for a 3rd party antivirus. The one Microsoft includes works great. I've been using just that for 3½ years now and I've never run into a problem.


I don't trust M$ antivirus system. Well, I know Windows well, I know how vulnerable it can be. I can't believe that antivirus, integrated into unstable "by default" system, can work fine. 3 with a half years of works mean nothing, user even may not know that a virus live in he's system!
I can recommend Comodo Antivirus suite.


I usually use Windows built-in firewall and Microsoft Security Essentials. I haven't had a virus ever since I've first used a computer. That just goes to show how far common sense will get you. I've heard Comodo makes a pretty good firewall.


Well, in my practice I saw a Win98 which worked fine and well for 3,5 years. Win98! And it don't just stay and sleep, its owner used that computer as workstation, for office, web-surfing (with p0rn, ICQ chats, downloads and all other!), gaming... Maybe it could work further, but we installed XP.
So yes, a common sence may help, but some mechanical support for it always usefull.


I also use Microsoft Security Essentials. They bought the core technology from Giant. I have used Norton and McAfee as well and didn't like them much.


I go for avast! Internet Security and at the same time USB Disk Security. (No conflict)
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