software for running games fast

Started by madhukar, January 16, 2013, 03:06 AM

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hi buddies. I need a software or tell me any way to play games smooth in my laptop

I was playing prototype and this game was slow because my video card didnt match with the requirement

please do have a look at this url. I have 1gb internal graphic card but game needs an external 256mb

Help me with any software or any kind of help is appreciable :)

Thank you


It looks like you dont use a graphics card but are using your processor which can cause some problems. Most often not.
Which game is this?
I play many games on my school PC and it uses Intel HD 3000 (32/64 MB Vram) Plays starcraft 2 with no problems.
But please, dont look just on how much Vram your card has, look at the speed of it. It is mostly used when getting on really high resolutions such as dual monitors very often 512 MB is enough but not future proof.
Also dont rely to much on canirunit, its a good site to look for what it requires but not what you have, it says that my pc has over 8GHZ processor. And other crazyness.
Im here to help with all your concerns.


Also, Pando mediabooster, Razer game booster, and a couple others boost the game. I have never had a good experience with them though. Razer gamebooster is not released for public what i am aware of, i got it legit as a closed beta tester.