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Tutorial for installing Windows through WinNTsetup (if usb boot fails)

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Hello everyone this is a workaround for those who attempted several times to install windows via usb.
All you need is HBCD (Hiren's Boot CD) I'm using the latest version 15.2
I'm attaching pictures so that the tutorial is easy to follow.
1. Boot into MiniXP using Hiren's.
2. See the first picture where you can find WinNT setup on HBCD and the second pictures describing how to install windows.

(Sorry for not writing the tutorial step by step)

Points to be noted:
a) Copy to the ISO file to hard drive preferably D (other than C)
b) After selecting the path of win as depicted in second pic the iso will be automatically mounted w/o user interaction.

* Sorry for my English(Humbert & Scarface can correct this)

-scarface wished everyone wrote like that-

I'm sure this works but there are a whole bunch of USB boot programs out there that support Windows. MS has one on their site, and it works great because I've used it.

The problem with HBCD's MiniXP is the fact that it doesn't support USB 3.0 directly. You can't boot into it from 3.0 and, if you want it to support 3.0 to go a little faster after booting, you must install a driver. The driver must be installed on every bootup, it is not saved.

ISO is stored onto other partition and mounted automatically using imdisk in minixp so you get faster installation  since HDD or SSD has greater read/write speeds than a USB3/3.1 device. You're installing win7/8 using minixp. So no driver install reqd.

@Vasudev- What we do if mini XP from HBCD stopped?
On the newer systems XP doesn't start, because of loading some drivers specially graphics, and it ended with BSOD after the "Loading Windows mini XP" screen.

usman-> Minixp is not an regular windows xp. Its purpose is to fulfil specific  purpose using minimal resources and get the things done. Don't install gfx drivers, sound card drivers etc which are not needed anyway.


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