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Hackintosh Anyone?

Started by akaubee, November 26, 2018, 02:58 PM

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Quote from: humbert on October 18, 2020, 04:55 AM
Quote from: Shadow.97 on October 17, 2020, 07:18 AM
Mouse software is the abomination of all mice. You can still bind the buttons in games, and other software that are made for it.
If you need macros, there are better alternatives

I had no idea you could write macros or use "3rd party software" to program mouse buttons. Can this be done in ALL mice? I'd think a big company like Logitech would go out of their way to prevent users from using anything but their software.

Why do you believe mouse software is an abomination? The Logitech software I use for my G300S works quite well. It just sits in the background and lets you do all kinds of thing with the mouse, including control the illumination and colors. I suppose my only complaint is that on my 4K display you almost need a magnifying glass to read it.

Mice and keyboards are just something i'd like to plug in and not have to worry about.
Absolutely worst is Razer, it launches software when you just plug it in, and it requires a log in to use and the software is unstable and uses a good chunk of ram even when not in use, 150mb was claimed by the software. This may not be significant, but if you have a few different softwares because you swap mice, keyboards or so, it quickly adds up.
Every time I plugged their devices into a new USB port it asked me to install their software, and it forced all active applications to be tabbed down.

Why is it that we should give all the companies all this access. When in reality the companies could just go into some form of alliance and get it integrated into windows? We dont need separate software for every device we plug in.

And yes, I genuinely believe microsoft would do it if these software/hardware companies went into an alliance and pressured them. Or if they decided to man up and talk to each other to settle on one standard. They're often using the exact same hardware in their mice and keyboard, so why cant they just use a plugin-based software with skins that work for all mice and keyboards?

Until then, I'll use macros to rebind my keyboard, or sharpkeys. And on my mouse, I'll settle with the default keybinds and rebind it in games.
If they mouse has more than the default buttons, and I can set it to use other keys, I'll set it to f13-f24 in software, uninstall the software and use macros to rebind it in the future according to needs.
They can


What you've told me about Razer software is unbelievable! Logitech is nowhere near as intrusive. There is no login and if you want to control the mouse you have to activate the software yourself. I'll NEVER buy a Razer mouse. I can understand why you'd want to use macros.

And yes, I totally agree someone should force these companies to lay off the intrusiveness and support Linux. Even if you prefer macros, at least a reasonable version of mouse software is available.