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Quote from: scarface on April 20, 2022, 06:45 PMThe 2nd round of the french presidential election will take place on April 24, 2022. President Emmanuel Macron and far-right challenger Marine Le Pen are trying to pace themselves until Wednesday's face-off, which could turn out to be the key to the campaign.

Macron won  :) -- or perhaps much more importantly, Marine lost. At least for now the people have held off another neo-fascist. Let's see for how long.

I believe in Slovakia a centrist candidate also managed to defeat another neo-fascist.


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Equities could get 'clobbered' if Fed significantly increases rates, says Komal Sri-Kumar

The True Story of The Conjuring Is Creepier Than the Movie

A beaten man details alleged "Roundhouse Punch" from his violent and abusive ex-spouse.

Why dogs stick their heads out of car windows?


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Building the Largest LEGO Technic Bulldozer! - Caterpillar D11T

Inflation and recession in France : what are the risks? A conference in French.

Here is Monty. It is a very handsome lizard. No doubt Vasudev or shadow.97 want a pet like this.
But don't be mistaken: Monty is a Komodo dragon. It's very dangerous because its bite is venomous. Imagine what it could do to humbert or Maher.

The most dangerous Colombian drug lord extradited to the U.S.

A group of armed men held up a Chanel jewelry boutique in Paris in broad daylight Thursday and escaped on two motorcycles. The boutique on rue de la Paix, not far from the French capital's opera house, has been standing in for a Chanel shop on the posh Place Vendome that is undergoing renovation. A video circulating on social media of what appeared to be the heist showed four men dressed in black and with their faces covered escaping on two motorcycles. Three of them had been in the store while one stood guard with what looked like an automatic rifle strapped across him. Members of a special brigade of the police went to the scene after the heist, which occurred close to 3 p.m.


Ben Dj - Me & Myself (Diego Abaribi & Paolo Sandrini Mix)


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The End of Mega-Tall Skyscrapers

How to use a saw?

This Mouse will be killed by a plant

How to Survive a Supermax Prison

Upon discovery, the Suncor Mining Company immediately stopped what they were doing: A new Nodosaur specimen was found in Canada. This 'mummified' dinosaur is remarkably intact and looks almost alive due to incredible skin preservation.

Thanks to progress in science, these two men are going to become much smarter and stronger. However, I'm not sure it would be wise for Vasudev and shadow.97 to undergo a similar transformation.


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What If You Lived in the Devonian Period?

Pin-Occhio – Tu Tatuta Tuta Ta
I still remember the first time I heard this clip on TV, probably during summer 1993.

Baby Starling Chooses His Rescuer As His Dad

The son of beast roller coaster accidents

The Gaza strip is the most densely populated country in the world (if you don't include the West Bank), after Monaco and Singapore. There is another peculiarity about the Gaza strip: 40% of its population is aged under 15. As you can see in this video, many inhabitants are fishermen or schoolchildren.


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The first picture of the Milky Way's Supermassive Black Hole

Biggest white diamond ever auctioned fetches $18.8 million.
The Rock, the biggest white diamond ever auctioned, sold for a hammer price of 18.6 million Swiss francs ($18.8 million) on Wednesday, far short of the record for such a jewel. The 228.31-carat stone, larger than a golf ball, was sold in Geneva by Christie's auction house.

French farmers worried about their cereal production due to early heatwave.

Why 70% of Spain is Empty

Expectations VS. Reality

Masterboy Vs. Rodri Euromaniako - I Got To Give It Up (BabRoV Refresh)


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How Airships Could Overcome a Century of Failure

If Vasudev and Usman are looking at the picture below they must be very scared: It looks like a nasty snake. Actually what you see is a Perentie: this is the deadliest lizard in the world because of its venomous bite. Its venom disrupts the clotting ability of fibrinogen through destructive cleavage.
In addition to neurotoxins producing symptoms of immediate pain, convulsions and hemi-diaphragm paralysis, other toxins produce hypotension and promote bleeding through platelet blocking.
Humbert and Maher must be wondering if they could be bitten by such a ferocious predator. Actually, it's very unlikely because the perentie is only living in the arid areas of Western Australia, South Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland.

Cannes Film festival: India to be country of honour.

Stocks, euro, Cryptos: will the crack continue? An analyst is trying to give answers. A conference in French.


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Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès Case: Dead or Alive?
In April 2011, the Dupont de Ligonnès family and the two Labradors were found buried beneath the terrace of their house. They were wrapped in bags, and buried alongside religious icons. The autopsy indicated the manner of their death was a "methodical execution." The children were given sleeping pills, and shot in the head with a .22 rifle—which happened to be the same size rifle that Xavier inherited from his father, Hubert, months earlier. Everyone was found except Xavier: the count vanished a few days before. The last time he was seen was on April 15, 2011, in the coastal town of Roquebrune-sur-Argens. He was never seen again.

How The Terminator Movies Have Changed

A lowly baboon was taken aback when a stranger was trying to interfere. Even if the stranger decided to shorten his stay, the little baboon is still bewildered. His cousin is trying to calm him down.

Sri Lanka PM says country down to last day of petrol

The Impact Of McDonald's Pulling Out Of Russia

Life In Russia Under Sanctions: Empty Stores, Rising Prices, Personal Tragedy


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The discovery of America in 1492

Heat waves push India to ban export of wheat

San Francisco is becoming a ghost town. Will it survive?

Gipsy Rapper - remix