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Forum Rules

Started by Maher, June 14, 2011, 02:21 PM

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Forum Rules

Forum rules are set by Maher's Digital World administrators. They can be changed, updated or altered if necessary and without further notice.

The forum rules are a guideline of how to act in here. If necessary, we can deviate from those rules. Decisions are met internally, vindication to the member(s) isn't necessary. Some decisions are met from case to case, depending on whether it is more sufficient to go after the forum rules or find an individual solution.

Consequences of not obeying the rules can be set e.g. by the team, a team member or the Moderator or Admin being involved, and can include or consist of e.g. Warning PM, Infraction, Temporary Ban or Permanent Ban. This is no particular order, just a selection of measures that can be taken if necessary.

1. Communication:

1.1 The official language in this forum is English. We are an international board with users from everywhere over the world and English is the language we agreed on. You may use any other language you want but then please post a translation in English.
1.2 Using inappropriate language, cussing, profanities (including acronyms of profanities) and so on is strictly prohibited. Please talk in a nice way to each other and respect other members as you would want to be respected.
1.3 No spamming, flooding or mass-posting and other related post-counter raising activities.
1.4 This is a politically and religiously neutral community. No discrimination of members because of their ethnic origin, culture and religion, no proselytizing.
1.5 No bumping of threads. If your question wasn't answered you may ask again after some time, but "bumping around" will not be tolerated.

2. Signature:

2.1 External web links in the signature must be approved by an administrator. The only exception are links directly to this forum.
2.2 Images in the signature must not exceed 500x50 pixels. And 100 KB maximum size.

3. Forum Content:

3.1 No sexual or violence containing materials (links, pictures, videos, embedded videos and the like).
3.2 No offering or sharing of nulled scripts, cracks (and comparable things) for games and other software.
3.3 No guns or other weapons, explosives and/or things that might cause damage to property and/or living things.
3.4 No advertisements. Exceptions from this rule must be approved by an administrator.
3.5 We reserve the right to delete, alter or change a post or thread that doesn't fit with the forum ethos or spirit or is bogus or suspicious in any other way.
3.6 No software (Programs/Windows releases) are stored on this server. Which means no copyrighted and/or illegal material are stored by us. Any such file uploaded to the server by members through forum attachments will be deleted immediately.
3.7 Torrents of monthly releases of Windows are not allowed. Torrents will be deleted immediately and the user will be warned.

Please keep in mind that those forum rules are valid for members in any case and are not to be discussed.
Please, DO NOT send messages for support! Ask on the forums. Thank you.