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Where is all my RAM going????

Started by RoadRunner, July 28, 2013, 02:49 PM

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Good morning,
I've tried many things but still have not come up with a solution to this. RAM simply slowly evaporates....

The PC is running Win 7 with all of the most recent updates. It has 8GB of RAM, ans as time marches on, so does the RAM. After a restart, it hovers around 20-25%, two or tree days later its up to 87%, and starting to effect application startup. Now during those two days the applications that have been run frequently (or never shut down) include Firefox and Thunderbird. Other than that, Notepad+++ on occasion.

Most of my use has been looking at forums, making comments, and the reading of news... I do not keep dozens of windows open, and do not have many other applications frquently used.

It would seem to me that there is something amis with this kind of use.

All ideas welcomed!


perhaps your pc cant stand global warming any longer.
post a printscreen of your taskmanager.


I guess your problem is settled.


@RoadRunner - you're running the 64bit version of Windows 7, aren't you? This is just to be sure - on the 32bit version, anything over 4GB RAM is just sitting there doing nothing. 32bit OS'es won't see it and can't use it.

Assuming you do have Win 7-64, then if you did solve the problem I'm curious as to how you did it. In the 3½ years I ran Windows 7(64) with 8GB ram, even when I pushed the PC to the limit, I don't recall memory usage near 4 GB. I even ran a 1GB ramdisk and never had a problem.

Let me ask something else - as opposed to simply checking percentage of ram in use, did you use Task Manager or one of countless other 64bit compatible utilities to see exactly what programs use how much memory? I'm thinking you might have used a 32bit utility to check and, sure enough, it reported heavy memory use simply because it can't see beyond 4 GB.

Let me know.