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Is XP Mode included in Maher´s Win 7 Ultimate?

Started by unrinoceronte, September 02, 2013, 11:17 PM

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Hi, does anyone knows if XP mode is included in the Win 7 download from Maher? 

If it is not, do you know how to get it and how to make it work with Maher´s Windows 7 Ultimate x64?


Note: I first posted this under Maher´s POST named " Windows 7: Download & Support " but i think it was not the correct place to do it, so i started this new post. Hope is OK.


I thought you were speaking of compatibility mode...your xp mode is obviously not included.
if you cant download it someone will download it for you later (or not: +400 mb)
your xp stuff is probably needed only for old games, make a dual boot, its the best for you.
the windows 7 here are untouched I think, so if you have a legit key you wont be bothered, but the vlk versions of maher are typically used for corporations...contrary to oem or retail, so there is little chance you have that. Anyway once downloaded no matter if your version is or isn't activated.
Here a tuto: www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/8247-windows-xp-mode-install-setup.html