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Re: New topic Photos
« Reply #250 on: September 24, 2019, 12:32 PM »
Here are a few unusual pictures for the users of the forum.

A donkey race, in Karachi, Pakistan.

The Sathorn Unique Tower, known as ghost tower.
This is an unfinished skyscraper in the Thai capital city of Bangkok. Planned as a high-rise condominium complex, construction of the building was halted during the 1997 Asian financial crisis, when it was already about 80 percent complete. It is now among the most prominent of Bangkok's many derelict buildings, and has become a destination for urban explorers. A Swedish tourist hanged himself in there, hence the name ghost tower.

Palestinians gather as goats are on display at a livestock market, ahead of the Eid al-Adha festival, in the West Bank town of Bethlehem September 10, 2016.

The catacombs of Paris.
Small corridors are carved into the rock. Bones line the walls, sculls are scraping at one’s elbows at times.  A creepy wind is blowing softly, hitting the back of one’s neck
Bones are pile tightly, centuries ago, stacks of human remains are all around, reminiscent of a horror movie.

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Re: New topic Photos
« Reply #251 on: October 19, 2019, 11:05 AM »
Today, I'm posting a few photos taken in Clermont Ferrand.

The most famous monument of Clermont Ferrand is certainly the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption.
It is a Gothic cathedral and French national monument and also the headquarters of the Archbishops of Clermont.
It is built entirely in black lava stone, which makes it highly distinctive, and visible from a great distance. Its twin spires are 96.1 metres tall, and tower above the town's rooftops.

An optical illusion on a wall.

A national gathering of yellow vests was announced in Clermont-Ferrand this Saturday, October 19th.
Nearly 300 people marched in the city center of Clermont-Ferrand, braving the ban to protest.
An imposing police device was been put in place: access to place Jaude was under guard, a hovering helicopter monitored the area
Around 4 pm, the situation became tense: some protesters briefly entered the Commercial Center Jaude before being dislodged by the CRS.