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Started by scarface, February 01, 2015, 03:10 PM

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Here I am going to put back some of the photos presented earlier. The topic was deleted because I was fed up.
I'm just pasting some of the best messages.

The photos of Daniil:

Also, I bought a car. This is GAZ-24 "Volga", 1978, $1800. All except turn indicators working but many parts needs replacement for moving without troubles in modern traffic (electrical wiring, clutch hydraulics, brakes... I already change clutch hydro and part of wiring on modern analogs).

Some new photos for you, of winter.

It is the first snow at this year, and last sunny day - since October 23 here we have only clouds and darkness (and today even more - a fog all over the city).

Our respectable comrade Humbert was right when he told me that a car is more a headache than a pleasure. No, it isn't so difficult to drive, and it isn't require a lot of money (but a lot of upkeep, a lot! I fixing it, and fixing, and fixing every weekend...) But it is not a good transport in a big city. Driving to and from my job, to and from my institute requires same amount of time as a same route on a bus, because you can't move faster than a traffic. Also you can't just leave it in a street, you always must think about a parking place, and you can't find it at the old center of the city (I parked my car at a backyard of our office). So, as a conclusion of my experience with a car - it is just a toy. Big, interesting, beautiful - but a toy. The best usage for my one - large voyages over the interstate roads (but I don't think that I can drive to a Europe, because max speed of Volga is 145 kph, it's too slow for autobahns).

Anyway, that's it - soviet road cruiser (even with red star on engine block). Not all is fixed, but it's alive and shining.

(Yes, I understand that this is only a shadow of "big americans" (like a car on one of new scarface's photos), but it's nice anyway!  )

Some photos I took this winter especially for our forum (and didn't post at a time, ashame, ashame!)

Neva river. View from Summer Garden. it's -15, windy. You can see the spire of Peter and Paul Cathederal.

Other angle of view from same place. You can see the building of Makarov's NAVY Academy (small blue one in center) "Aurora" battlecruiser and modern buildings of great "Saint Petersburg" hotel and business center.

Snow. Because many of you asks me how it is looking from close. I'm in two layered glowes made from dog wool.

Lebyajya knavka (i.e., Small Swan Channel). At XVIII century here lived a swans because the Emperor and aristocracy closest to him often got walk by side of this small channel (swans was a symbol of prestige).

Panorama of Neva river and Liteyniy most (Melting factory bridge, it's named this because on the southern side of Neva near it at XVIII- early XIX century was melting factories, making iron for guns of Russian Army and Navy). On the left side there is buildings of Military Medical Academy named by Pirogov (famous russian medic-surgeon of XIX century), in the center behind the bridge you can see a high chimney - it's a crematory of famous prison named "Krestee" (The Cruxes). On the right side behind the buildings you can see many antennas - that is FSB (KGB) headquareters, so called "Big House".

This is Troitskiy most (Triune Godhead bridge), or, as it was called at USSR time, Kirovskiy most (Kirov's bridge). First name is more correct. Also you can see the Peter and Paul fortress and Peter and Paul cathederal. On the second photo you can see a memorial to russian navy crews (small chapel with golden cupola).
Now, some photos may be interesting for our muslim comrades:

Kamennoostrovskiy prospekt (Stone Island Avenue) - just a typical street. Take a note - heavy frost suck out any wet as well as very hot weather, so ground is almost dry.

The photos of Ahmad:
This is the first thing you'll see if you come visit me,
Welcome to Al Mahalla Al Kubra..

And this one on the road after the previous one, just before the main square of my town (Al Shoon square)..

BTW, I live near it.

This is a big mosque and its street from outside..

This is the stadium and behind it (Misr Spinning and Weaving) company..


Some photos of Usman is some pictures of Pakistan:

first is Shah Faisal Mosque
second is Badshahi Mosque
third is Khyber Pass
forth is Derawar Fort
and last one is from K-2.

The photos of the car of shadow.97


I'm putting the photos which had been removed in another topic. These are the preferred photos of humbert.

In the line 1 of the subway under the champs elysées:

Here we are at the place of Concorde, we can see some famous sights.

When humbert came here, he visited this mcdonald.

Once again a few photos of the 8th arrondissement, in winter:

The place of Madeleine, where there is a famous church.

Here at Fauchon.

There was a nice saleswoman, and I told her I wanted to take a photo:

A few photos of the Champs Elysee. Near the place of Concorde, there is a market of Christmas.

The Renault's stand

In this busy avenue, destitution is also present. Here we can see a woman begging on the floor, in front of the Nike shop. For years I've seen women like that on the Champs Elysées and nowhere else, lying on the floor, motionless, and covered. I stayed there a few minutes but she never moved. The business didn't seem to be very buoyant though, nobody gave money.

Here we can see the Arc of Triumph, which honors those who fought and died in the French Revolutionary and the Napoleonic Wars, with the names of all victories and generals inscribed on its inner and outer surfaces. Beneath its vault lies the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier from World War I.


Here are a few photos of the 11th arrondissement.

I had a flat there a few years ago, near the St Ambroise church.

in this Street. We don't see it but there is a lot of shops with Chinese wholesalers of textile.

Then I Went to the boulevard Voltaire, an important boulevard between Place of Nation and Place of Republic.

Then I went to place of Republic, a busy place as you can see.

back to the line 9


Here are some photos of the Quai Branly in the 7th arrondissement

Here are the photos of the Maya exhibition which took place in the museum of the quai Branly, which has been built under the presidency of Chirac.

Here we can see some zoomorphic pots

Here is a sculpture with a tied slave

Here we can see a thurible

Here is a sculpture of jaguar, even if it looks like a snake.

Here is the king of Kabah

Some skulls

another thurible

a feathered snake

a divinity of the underworld:

an insect of the underworld

The best of: the funeral masks


Some photos of the Louvre. Since humbert has been hitting his head against the wall after the disappearance of his favorite photos, it's urgent to put them back.
The louvre with its pyramids, but its more interesting underneath.

The louvre has a big collection of Egyptian relics

The Albani lion is a 1st century Roman green basalt lion statue with a yellow marble sphere under one paw.

Here is the most famous painting of Delacroix

The raft of medusa, painted by Gericault.

The joconde,  a 16th-century portrait painted in oil by Leonardo da Vinci during the Renaissance in Florence, Italy, is one of the most famous painting in the world. It's always surrounded by a lot of visitors, and it's quite difficult to come close to it as you can see.

Miscellaneous paintings


Here are a few photos of the exposition of Koons in Paris:

Mickael Jackson and his baboon:


A few unusual photos of Seine st Denis that you will probably like. For those who don't know, Seine st Denis is part of the north eastern suburb of Paris, but this territory is poor. In the sixties, to meet the needs of urbanization and demographic growth, some large housing developments have been built in this area, but progressively the middle class has fled and this area has become a hard place to live. Today it's the area in France with the highest rate of criminality and the highest rate of foreigners.

In Montreuil

In bagnolet:

In Saint Denis

in Pantin:

in Bondy:

in La courneuve:


When  I rented a car I took a few photos. Here they are:
I went to the station Montparnasse to fetch the car. Beside the station, we can find the tower Montparnasse, the tallest tower of paris:

Then I went back to the north west of Paris where I'm living. Here we are in the 15th borough, on a hill overlooking Paris and we can make out the eiffel tower.

I went to the place of Concorde then, a place reminiscent of ancient Egypt.

Then I took the Avenue of the Champs Elysees.

On the pont d'iena...

Other photos taken in summer.
During holidays in the south of France, a fine weather.

After a 2 and a half hours travel in train, the same day the weather is not so fine here in Paris. There is a grey sky, and it seems there are clouds on the horizon, both literally and figuratively.


You rented a car just to go out and take some pictures? In Paris you don't even need a car, you can go just about anywhere on the metro without worrying about parking. Renting a car over there must cost a fortune, not to even mention insurance and gas. What's a liter of gas going for nowadays.

The pics are great!