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Started by scarface, February 01, 2015, 03:10 PM

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Quote from: Fuj on March 16, 2015, 01:47 PM
Today we have a new one - "Private video chat right now with sexy beautiful model". It's not necessarily the case, but it does smell like it could be the type of scam you might have already heard about in the news because it led some people to suicide. The girl undresses herself in front of webcam and convinces the naive guy to do the same. Everything is recorded and then they start blackmailing him under the threat of posting the video on Facebook or wherever. So this is potentially much more dangerous than the classic spam we've been getting.

I'm not seeing any ads at all. Then again I use Adblock Edge. Edge is the way to go -- Plus has a whitelist of sites that pay them off so as not to be included in their filtering. Edge also supports much better filters which don't appear in Plus.

Be that as it may, there is no question an ad such as this is rogue. Maher would never allow anything that even remotely smells of pr0n. I'm going to contact him and tell him to intervene immediately.


Tonight, I'm going to put a few photos taken in the Cernuschi museum which is an Asian art museum, specialising in works from China, Japan, and Korea.
The museum was founded in 1898 by Henri Cernuschi (1821â€"1896) and is located in the mansion which used to be his home.
I said I would put photos of the paintings of Velazquez, but it would be have been boring for me and most probably for you.

On the way to the museum

Formerly, I lived in the vicinity. I moved only a few hundred meters away.

He we are at the Monceau park. The museum is adjacent to the park. At the left, we can spot the embassy of Portugal.

The Cernuschi museum

At the museum entrance

Here we can see a You vase with a tiger shape, from Sthe hang dynasty (roughly 1300 bc). It's unquestionably the most famous work of the museum.
This vase was designed to contain fermented beverages.

Here we can see a Lei vase, from the Zhou dynasty (1000 bc)
This one is particularly rare. A few other Lei vases have been discovered in Baidong, in the district of Harqin in Laoning, or in Peng district, in Sichuan.

A door of tomb chamber. Period of the Eastern Han (1st century ac)

A gooze-shaped carafe (period of the Northern Han)

The buddha Amithaba (period of the Liao Dynasty, 1000 ac)

added: A few recents photos taken on 8 May 2016.

The Monceau park

The Street Georges Berger
The devices across the street are charging stations for electric cars.

The street Legendre

The street of Saussure

The street Cardinet and behind you can see new housing under construction, in the area of the Martin Luther king park.

The avenue of Clichy


Tonight, I'm also going to do a conference about financial markets with latest market insights, analysis, and perspectives.

Last Thursday and last Friday, we have seen that the bubble in the sector of Biotechnology began to burst, at least on the French market. The news of bad clinical tests was sufficient to trigger a collapse of the price of Genfit.

At this price, Genfit is still worth 600 million euros and doesn't make any profit.
And In the US, Amgen and biogen have reached market valuations which are close to the stratosphere.
According to Josh Brown at Ritholtz Wealth Management, there is clearly a bubble on biotechs. He's denouncing the bets made on certain medications.

All this reminds me of the bubble in Green energy in 2007. At the beginning of the year 2007, everyone was optimistic about green energy. but Firms in wind power
never made any profit, they are surviving thanks to capital increases. For those who invested in the French firm Theolia, which was the European leader in green energy, mainly wind power, it has been a rout. while the price went up to 30euros in 2007, it's only worth 70 cents today. The firm is selling more and more assets to survive, the ones in Morocco or Brazil.
An association of cheated small investors of Theolia has even been created...
The evolution of the market valuation of Theolia

Why am I taking this example? Because the overall market could follow a similar pattern. The bubble of Theolia began to burst at the beginning of 2007. The investors, let's call them "baboons" or "sheep", suddenly understood that valuations were a bit high. And a few months later, the markets peaked before the crisis of 2008. In 2008 the bubble on the weakest firms completely burst. We could see the same thing today. I don't think the markets will crumble immediately. But there are big problems ahead, like Greece, or the US rate hikes, while valuations are tight. If I'm right, we could have a peak in the next months before a stagnation and then a fall of the markets. For the moment, note that the resistance on the dow jones at 18300 I referred to a few weeks ago has played its role.


Hello, comrades.
Scarface crying a lot about economic collapse, I don't  agree with him (or may be his theory is correct, but for EU only).
But I see another threat, invisible but much more real.
Read this article: Behavioral sink


Daniil - certainly you should know by now that Scarface isn't all there. :)

I'm thinking the concept of "behavioral sink" is overblown. Forget about the EU - go to a places that have extremely high population densities. Mumbai (India), Hong Kong, Tokyo (Japan) and Lagos (Nigeria). Order still exists in these places. Also, keep in mind something I keep reminding Scarface - populations are self adjusting. They adjust according to the resources there to maintain them.


To Daniil: Maybe economic collapse is too strong an expression. But in any case, whether you agree or not, or whatever you want, it won’t change anything. And while we all have responsibilities if something happens, it’s not due to me, humbert or iih in particular.
I don’t know if you have watched the videos in the survivalist topic, but they are quite factual.
Fundamentally, we live in a world where everything is linked with oil, and with energy. Without energy, we would come back to the 18th century. If we were not numerous it could be possible but with 7 billion people, and soon 8, it’s going to be difficult. We can see that on the forum which is quite representative of a more and more urban world.  Few persons here are autonomous for their food and live like farmers in Mali or Bedouins in Egypt.

It’s also important to understand that we live in a complex world. Formerly, the people were practically all peasants. Today in many countries, 70% of the population is working in the sector of services and 3 or 4% in the farming sector. It’s perhaps not true in Mali or Sudan, but that’s the case in the US or in Europe. But what’s is complex is also fragile. If you are sowing seeds in a meadow it will grow. If these seeds are potatoes maybe they will be eaten by Colorado beetle, it’s possible. But if you are sowing seeds in a field without fertilizers and phospates, nothing will grow, because the micro organisms which are necessary for the crops have been killed by pesticides and by a mechanized agriculture. And while there has been a significant rise in agricultural yields during the 20th century, it’s not true any longer and there is even an inflexion. During the 20th century, it’s important to understand that the demographic growth has been possible thanks to the agricultural revolution and the rise in yields. But modern agriculture needs to be profitable and it’s not possible to leave the fields lying fallow, and while we are more and more numerous, it’s probably going to be another problem in the coming years if yields were to decrease (and we are not even mentioning here the dependence on oil and possibly the need for biofuels).

But today we can see that the consequences of all that are significant. There are fewer and fewer jobs, and unfortunately the people are no longer living in the countryside so there are more and more unemployed people. In some countries like UK or Germany, statistics are good but they are concealing a huge number of “0 hour contracts” and temporary jobs.

Also, there is growing evidence that pollution has significant adverse effects.
A hot air balloon in Paris, used to retrieve data about air quality

Another problem with the plastic pollution. Here is the island of Thilafushi in The Maldives

A few days ago, it was stated that Arctic sea ice this year is the smallest in winter since satellite records began in 1979 â€" a new sign of long-term climate change, according to U.S. data. The U.N. panel of climate scientists links the long-term shrinkage of the ice, by 3.8 percent a decade since 1979, to global warming, and says Arctic summertime sea ice could vanish in the second half of the century.

And finally, we could be facing more and more conflicts for resources like oil or water. Some organizations are also fighting in Syria and Iraq to capture oil rigs in order to finance their wars.


Quote from: scarface on April 14, 2015, 12:09 AM
As for Greece, there is a continued stalemate. Indeed, Greece is preparing to take the dramatic step of declaring a debt default unless it can reach a deal with its international creditors by the end of April, according to people briefed on the radical leftist government’s thinking.

Expect a default in June. Official sector payments (pensions, salaries, etc) will most likely stop in May. This will be the beginning of the end.
Consequences: Civil unrest and financial meltdown. A heaven for criminals...


Maybe you are not a godfather yet. So this could be an opportunity for you.
If you want to sponsor a giraffe, a spider or a snake, you can go to the site of the zoo of vincennes to make a donation.
Most of the animals listed are endangered species and the zoo needs funds to keep them and protect their them in their natural environment.


I wonder why these Femen girls take their shirts off.  Maybe to attract attention. They must have a strong reason, judging by what people were wearing it was a cool rainy day.


Lately, the users of the forum have been very wise, even jastreb. That's why I'm putting a few photos of the Louis Vuitton exposition today. You are going to discover some interesting works of art.

On my way to the station of the sablons.
In the line 13

Waiting for the subway on the line 1

In Neuilly sur Seine, on the way to the foundation.

The boulogne wood

The building of the Louis Vuitton foundation

Clearly, the temporary exposition of the LVF is a place where there are many famous paintings. It’s not a surprise if the LVF organizer is nobody less than the billionaire Bernard Arnault, the richest man in France, and he probably has some good friends. However, the ticket is quite expensive, I guess the foundation must be profitable, and by going here on Saturday afternoon, I didn't choose the right day to come, since I spent hours waiting to enter the foundation or visit some galleries. Since photos inside the galleries were not allowed, the photos you’ll see are not mine.

The walking man by Giacometti

The scream By Munch.
This painting is very famous and since 2006 it wasn't allowed to leave Norway lest it could be robbed.

Picasso â€" head of a woman.

The Black square by Malevitch (National Russian Museum of St petersburg)

The blue waterlilies by Monet

The dance by Matisse

On the roof, at the 4th floor, a photo of the boulogne wood in the foreground and the area of la défense...

Now, you are probably wondering if it was a good exposition?
Well, I was disappointed because there is so much better, like the Museum of Orsay, the Louvre, or the Dali exhibition at the Pompidou centre.
And It’s definitely not worth the price since it cost 15â,¬ to see very few works on display in 2 or 3 rooms. Besides a few famous work of art, the building is almost empty. And don’t be mistaken by those photos. They are not mine because cameras were forbidden.
There is a lot of visitors, and I had to wait for 2 hours before entering the museum.
If you were to visit sth in Paris, maybe you can skip this one and focus on better museums like Orsay.
I also advise you to go to the Park of the Buttes-Chaumont. It is perhaps a little less formal than the other green spaces in Paris, but completely worth the uphill stroll.
You can also see la coulée verte. The old train tracks connecting Bastille and Vincennes were turned into La Coulée Verte: a five-kilometre trail of elevated gardens, the Jardin de Reuilly and tree-lined cyclepaths. All very green; all very pretty. If you kick off at the Bastille end, you can climb up one of the staircases on avenue Daumesnil to get sweeping views of the city.