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"Linked" *.mkv merge

Started by Hakumei, December 27, 2012, 08:36 PM

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Quote from: Hakumei on December 29, 2012, 12:54 PM
Oke guys, i checked all this stuff and decide to use DirectShowSource() command and re-encode this. My PC is extremaly strong and this don't take much time (will only lose some quality).
Thanks for help.

Extremely strong? May I ask, what system do you have?


Linux Debian 6.0.6 amd64 for normal work, encoding, games and Windows 7 Ultimate x64 for some stupid things who don't works on Linux (like this one from this topic). Here is my CPU specification, add for this 16GB RAM.


Hakumei, you are using linux as "for life" system?  ??? What games can be played on 'NIX? WoW, old Quake 3, Nexuiz, OpenTTD, what other good? I think that Linux is mostly for server system, not for workstation...

Also, did the low core speed of AMD processor affects on game speed in old games, which not use multiple cores? (Yours Core Speed is about 1400 MHz, is that enough)? Does exist more speedy cores AMD?

I asks because I thought about upgrade, and watch AMD side...



I too am a Linux fan. Personally I like Linux Mint (Cinnamon) and find it easier to use than Ubuntu.

I strongly agree that sadly we must be tied down to Windows due to simple lack of support from just about everywhere. Even right now I can't surf the internet on Linux Mint. Why? Simply because Roboform is my password manager. It's Roboform Lite add-on will not work with the latest version of Firefox. To make matters worse, these people have written their software so that the only thing exportable are bookmarks - logins and mainly passwords aren't included. I doubt someone has written a Linux program that will read their data files.

I also can't pay bills with Linux because as yet I've found no program that can import a Quicken data file. I did try with one and it didn't work. I can't play my favorite game (Diablo III) either. It's really sad.


nice information. thank you for sharing it.