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Started by Shadow.97, August 06, 2016, 11:39 AM

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Quote from: humbert on December 19, 2022, 06:07 AM
Quote from: scarface on December 18, 2022, 05:37 PMI'm currently watching the final of the football world cup and I think the Argentinians are going to win against France. They are completely dominating the match. I was going to post and they just scored a second goal.

Did you watch the game to the end? What a match! I too believed it was all over for France until the 80th minute, then everything abruptly changed. Both teams deserve the trophy. Maher even texted me immediately after the game ended to discuss the match. Incidentally, did they show Macron on TV over there? In the beginning he was wearing his coat and tie. By the end there was no coat and a loose tie. I'm not surprised.

And speaking of the world cup, who of us on this forum would love to shag Miss Croatia? Let see... a show of hands please? All hands up (myself included). A unanimous yes!!  :)  ;)
Till the end, of course. The second part of the match was completely different and the French prevailed over La Albiceleste until the penalty shootout. Macron was there to observe the epic final from the stands at Lusail Stadium and was later spotted on the field indeed.


Quote from: scarface on December 19, 2022, 08:51 PMTill the end, of course. The second part of the match was completely different and the French prevailed over La Albiceleste until the penalty shootout. Macron was there to observe the epic final from the stands at Lusail Stadium and was later spotted on the field indeed.

It's too bad FIFA's policy is that the game ends in penalty kicks. Penalty kicks can go either way depending on the quality of the shot and/or whether the goaltender guesses right.

Logic dictates you can't ask the players to play on and on and on. For that reason, I believe FIFA should change it's policy so that on the final championship game, another game should be played if it it still tied after 120 minutes. They would even make more money on a second game that's being watched by probably more than 50% of humanity.


Moved into a 2bedroom rental appartment built 2022, 55 sqm with balcony that has glass walls last week.
Also started my job today as a jr network technician today.

Here's some financial information about my situation(s) i've had the last years:

Cost breakdown this far: (will put in euro for simplicity, converted from SEK)
€800 rent. This is considered very expensive for the size.

€25 500/500 ISP (offer for 3 months, 43 euro after. But will swap provider to use another offer for a handful months and repeat.)
€15 connection fee by fiber company to connect to ISP.
€7 for unlimited phone data, 1mbit
€8 euro unlimited phone data ireland, 10gb roaming, unlimited speed
€35 coffee, expecting this to go down as work provides decent coffee.
€53 buscard, for zone 2.
€260~? food, unsure yet. But estimated.
€8 home insurance covering everything
€70 Used table & two chairs
€19 medicine

I also have in my planned budget:
€30 games
€100 electronics
€50 furniture
€10 video streaming

Electricity, i got no clue what the cost will be, due to issues picking which electric utility company to use, as i cant find the facility ID I need to provide to the utility company. I will be charged a higher price than reasonable due to that. I expect €60-80 until this is sorted.
(Per month)
If we calculate these costs: €1458 total
Salary pre-tax: €2560
Salary after-tax: €2015
I have a headroom of around 500, if we count in some unexpected expenses.

Compared to finances I had in ireland:
Salary pre-tax: €3041
Salary post-tax: €2600

€850 for a drafty place with utility bills included, around 10 sqm.
€300 for food.
€100 electronics
€30 games

Resulting in about €1280 expenses.
Approximately €1300 saved per month.

The cost of my sanity is worth going down this salary.
If you look on Swedish Crown, SEK compared to Euro value. Had this been april 2022, with the same swedish salary of 29000 SEK pre-tax.

I would have had been able to exchange my money to Euro for around 2900 euro per month pre tax. Now it is around 2560 pre-tax due to inflation.

One of the biggest financial, unexpected blows for me has been that I've developed cluster headaches last autumn and they have not stopped, only gotten worse.
The medicine is €17~ per fast working injection. I would estimate during bad times you would need one injection every two days.
After €240 averaged over 12 months, you get them cheaper or free. I'm currently trying to figure out if I can get it on my insurance I've had all my life. At this cost, which may sound low. It is still a question of having to value extreme pain vs two fancy dinners. Which gives/takes the most joy out of you?

This may sound like pennies for people who have to take a lot of meds, or have given birth in the US. But to me, this is a lot as I expected to stay "healthy"-enough for many years to come.


Hey Shadow. Glad everything is working well for you.

OK fine, rent is a little high which is typical in Europe. It's much cheaper than what you paid in Dublin.

You have to pay a separate fee for the ISP and connection to it? I've never heard that before. Even so, it's not expensive. I pay Google Fiber $72 a month for 1GB (up and down). Taking into account the end of the 3 months you'll pay 58€, or about $63.40 at today's exchange rate. Here Google is the cheapest in town for 1GB.

Phone with data is dirt cheap. I pay much more. So is just about everything else except coffee.

Overall I'd say you're doing great. Just one thing: is all this in Växjö or somewhere else?


Well, I'm happy for you shadow.97, you know I'd want a son (or a little Swedish girl) like you. I still have no heir and I don't want my cousins to inherit my fortune. I hope that you'll like your new job, money is not the most important thing to consider.
It may be better for you to work in Sweden, even with a lower wage, because I guess the cost of living is higer in Ireland (and particularly in Dublin).