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Started by scarface, February 26, 2013, 12:28 AM

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World Population

3 "kracks" are currently underway: a stock crash, a bond crash and a "cryptoasset" crash.
This analyst is holding a conference to explain the situation (in French).

Today, you have probably seen that the financial markets are down again. The victims of the recession are numerous:
- A few weeks ago, we saw that the Orpea shares collapsed after the nursing home scandal was revealed in a book (Orpea shares fell a whopping 60% in about two weeks since the group was hit by allegations of malpractice towards elderly residents). Its shares lost 30% more this month, at 20 euros.

- A few days ago the French-Dutch airline Air France-KLM raised around 2.26 billion euros through a capital increase to overcome the pandemic crisis. Its stocks fell sharply (by 13% on Tuesday) after completion of the capital raise.
- The Atos shares collapsed by more than 26% shortly after the opening of the Paris Stock Exchange on Tuesday, in the wake of the announcement of the departure of the CEO, after having already lost nearly 11% on Monday. Its stocks shed 45% over the past week. The group is faced with a sharp drop in its turnover and a fall in its value after an annual loss of 2,7 billion $ in 2021. According to press sources, the debates were lively within the board of directors of Atos (111,000 employees in the world) on the means of redressing the group. In this context, Atos also intends to sell its entire stake in Worldline (European leader in the transactional services industry and former branch of Atos)

The reason Japan attacked Pearl Harbor

Pete Sampras vs Michael Chang | US Open 1996 Final


Today, new videos are available on the forum.

How Brands Are Influencing Your Decisions | Neuromarketing

If you are looking at the photo below, you must be thinking that it was taken in Paris.

But something is weird and Humbert certainly noticed it too: the place of Trocadero has disappeared (you can discover it in the new photos topic). And the tower looks like a pale imitation of the original (it's actually 3 times smaller).
This photo was taken in Tianducheng, a town located in China. Tianducheng is an urban development that has failed spectacularly. The town boasts of miniature versions of the Eiffel Tower, the fountain from Luxembourg Gardens, and Champ Elysèes. Boarded by neoclassical-style buildings the Parisian facades, cobblestoned streets despite their charm failed to be the "Paris of the east" it aspired to be. Through its fog and haze-covered grey skies, one can see the mansard roofs and Haussmannian boulevards. The garden surrounding the Eiffel tower is littered with people selling dumplings in place of baguettes, the water canals in Champ Elysèes dried up and the business doors bolted. The town has only one hotel open for foreign guests which is aptly named Tianducheng International Resort. It is surrounded by a handful of eateries serving mainly traditional Chinese cuisine. The only real estate agent in the town does not have enough window space to display all the properties up for sale and the office is dark and dingy. Lush Parisian-style gardens planted are now being used by the residents to grow vegetables.

Tianducheng was designed to fit about 10,000 people. Today, only about 2,000 people live in the town. Several news outlets have called Tianducheng a ghost town, with some reporting that its location in the middle of the countryside has contributed to the low number of visitors. The exact construction cost is unclear.
In this video, you are going to see why China is copying cities from the rest of the world.

Why The Middle East Won't Survive Without Oil

Sampras vs Agassi - US Open 1990

Andromeda [Synthwave / Cyberpunk)


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Fishing Cat: The cat that hunts underwater

What happened to the missing half of the Colosseum?

The Race to Build the World's Tallest Building

Why California Is Dying

What's going on in Burkina Faso?
The security situation in Burkina Faso is getting more and more critical by the day with an increased number of Jihadist attacks. A specialist explains the situation.

Russia: 'Questionables figures' in Putin' speech


Today, new videos are available on the forum.

How to Survive a Swarm of Box Jellyfish

How to make good croissants?

A series of murders began in Florida on February 26, 1984. This was the beginning of a 2 year-long crime spree in the USA. In 1984 the FBI arrested the Australian killer.

UK rail strike - Britain faces biggest rail strike in 30 years


Tonight, new videos are available on the forum.

What happened to the dinosaurs?

Swallows searching for water in the deadly Sahara desert.

The funniest Danish commercials

The most miserable city in America


Today, new videos are available on the forum.

A journey through Palestine - Travel Documentary

I have to make a confession, and I hope Maher won't be angry with me.
a few weeks ago I stumbled upon this photo:
It wasn't in an article and I didn't know where the scene was taking place. It looked like a protest, and at first glance, by relying on the flag, I was almost certain that it was in Palestine. Maybe some of you will recognize the Palestinian flag in the picture. But something was off with the crowd, for some reasons, those people don't look Palestinian. I had to do some research about the flag to know where the scene was actually taking place...

How to Split a City in Half (Berlin)

Napoleon's Retreat from Moscow to the Berezina in 1812- documentary

Anya - Fool Me - Remix


Scarface -> The flag in the picture is the flag of Sudan. The Palestinian flag is identical except the black and green are inverted. And of course, the people don't look Palestinian. It's easy to get confused. Check https://www.britannica.com/list/flags-that-look-alike for more confusion.

BTW if you're curious about what the flag of any country looks like, check Google images. It's all there.