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What games are you playing?

Started by aa1234779, October 27, 2012, 12:10 AM

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Quote from: Shadow.97 on January 29, 2022, 01:18 PM
Gigabit fiber is delayed 3 years, Current ETA is that it's supposed to be installed by spring. TV has been there since before I was born. 4g/5g has been rolled out for a while and usually gives speed of 100+mbit. But we just go to relax, have fun, disconnect from society for a bit. Hear birds singing, sunbathe. There is no stress. Amazing weather. Sounds like heaven if you ask me! If you are feeling frisky you can always walk to the sea and take a bath on the beach.

Sunbathe? Fortunately Öland Island is slightly higher than 56°N where the rays of the sun aren't very direct. If you did this anywhere between 30°N and 30°S latitude you'd be burned to a crisp in no time. This is especially true of people with fair skin such as yourself. My skin is also pretty fair so I have to be careful.

Bathe in the beach? In the Baltic?! The water temp must be around 5°C in the summer. How long can you be in the water without getting hypothermia?

Quote from: Shadow.97 on January 29, 2022, 01:18 PM
Whats your perfect vacation?

Sadly all my life I've had the misfortune of living in hot places. Often for day after day, month after month, the heat is relentless. I would love a vacation in a cold, snowy place filled with pine trees. I'd even love to visit Antarctica if it were possible -- and of course any time from May to September (i.e., the southern winter). If I could I'd move to a place where I'd never, ever again have to use air conditioning.

Quote from: Shadow.97 on January 29, 2022, 01:18 PM
Satire in a way, but in a way very serious. A lot of people have no clue how Gaelic sounds. Especially if the person comes from a person with Chinese ethnicity. I could easily see the mixup happening if the person has an accent.
I'm not sure how long Gaelic has been a second langauge here. Most people I talk to say they dont understand anything really when it comes to it, and that they have never used the language with anyone.

I believe (and correct me if I'm wrong) that the Gales conquered Ireland first and imposed their language. Later came their mortal enemies (the British) and did the same thing. The hard fact is that Gaelic as a language essentially died many years ago. The Irish continue trying to hold on to it for no other reason than the fact that English the language of their enemies. Based on what you're telling me it's clearly not working no matter how hard they try, and yet they continue to insist. I remember a few years ago India tried the same thing, i.e., phasing out English for the same reason. Not surprisingly it didn't work. Everything they did had to be reversed.


Note that a new repack for the frictional games is available here:

All the games were merged in one folder, making the game smaller (many DDS, TGA and ogg files were removed since Amnesia, Soma, Penumbra and the custom stories were using common files). If you are experiencing problems you can tell me. It was pretty difficult because those games were not intended to be used like this.
Compared to the previous repack, which was already 4Gb smaller than the original games (essentially due to the removal of the cache files), Roughly 10 000 files were removed or 2 Gb. This was done using Duplicate Cleaner and Notepad++ (but the repack is only 400 mb smaller due to its compression).
If you already had the former repack, this one is really better. I'm sure that shadow.97 and humbert will enjoy it.


Note that the little game Belatout was updated here: https://www.nomaher.com/forum/index.php?topic=833.msg37026#msg37026

A french version was added too.


Note that a smaller repack for Amnesia Rebirth is available (only 7.80 Gb).
If you are interested, the link is here:
Many Duplicate files as well as unused files were removed (The game is roughly 500 mb smaller once installed).


For those who are playing Soma and Penumbra on the forum (I think of shadow.97 or Vasudev) , note that new modifications were made here:
In all likelihood, there will not be any new versions.
New size: 7.35 Gb.