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Started by Shadow.97, August 06, 2016, 11:39 AM

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I had a third covid vaccine this morning. I went to the Essone department because there was no room anywhere else.
Fortunately I stumbled upon a pretty pharmacist. No doubt they have a difficult job.
I was wondering if Maher, Vasudev or humbert could get vaccinated. An easy access to the vaccine in India, in Palestine or in the United States is not obvious.

PS: My left arm now hurts.


Quote from: scarface on December 31, 2021, 04:44 PM
I was wondering if Maher, Vasudev or humbert could get vaccinated. An easy access to the vaccine in India, in Palestine or in the United States is not obvious.

I too have had 3 jabs with the Phizer-Biotech vaccine. The 1st was back in April and the 2nd was 3 weeks later in May. About 2 months ago I received the booster shot the government recommended. It was very easy. I simply booked an appointment online at a participating pharmacy. In the 1st and 2nd shot there were maybe 3 people ahead of me in the queue. There was nobody there during the 3rd. There were no side effects at all. It was all very easy and, of course, Biden paid for it. The only ones who aren't vaccinated are these idiots who believe they can be cured of Covid19 by using horse medicine (Ivermectin).


I wish the users of the forum a happy new year.


Tonight, I’m going to talk about the current diplomatic talks as a new war could be imminent.

Nearly 100,000 troops have massed on the nation’s border, stoking fears of a possible invasion.
As the crisis deepens, the United States is warning of confrontation risks. And as the war heads into its eighth year, many fear that a large scale military escalation may be underway.

Maybe you are thinking that I’m talking about the conflict between Israel and Palestine, with 100 000 Palestinian soldiers ready to cross the Israeli and the Egyptian border to reclaim the Mediterranean coast. That’s not the case for the moment.
With the invasion of Afghanistan by the Taliban tribes, it wouldn’t be absurd to think that they are preparing an invasion of the Pakistani territory, with the material left by the Americans. It’s not the case either.

Here one of the belligerents is a country with the biggest army in the world (after the ones of China, the USA, and...North Korea). Actually, I’m talking about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.
Some talks between U.S. and Russian diplomats begin in Geneva on Monday 10 January, after a weeks-long standoff over Russian troop deployments near its border with Ukraine, with veteran envoys on each side trying to avert a crisis.
Russia, which moved nearly 100,000 troops close to its border with Ukraine, says it is not preparing for an imminent invasion but wants to see the West back off from its support for Ukraine’s government and halt the eastward expansion of the NATO military alliance.
Washington has already dismissed some of Moscow's demands as unviable, making rapid progress desired by Russia in the meetings unlikely.

A Ukrainian soldier in the region of Donetsk on 8 January 2022.


I seriously doubt Russia is going in invade Ukraine any time soon. Why? What kind of natural resources does Ukraine have that Russia doesn't? They've already taken over Crimea and have a strong presence on the black sea. Russia has much more to lose by invading Ukraine than by not doing so.

This is pretty much the same game of chicken they played during the cold war. And of course, ever forget that the MAD (mutually assured destruction) concept hasn't exactly gone away.


Today, I’m going to show you a map of the covid incidence rate per department, in France.

The incidence rate per department is an indicator to follow very thoroughly to be aware of the epidemic's evolution if you go to France. For example, if you look at the map, you will see that the incidence rate varies widely according to the departments. If you go to Paris, you are more likely to catch the virus than if you go to the Cantal department for example.

A few photos about the pandemy covid in the world.
In the middle of a pilgrimage to the Ganges river, an Indian official tries somehow to call for social distancing.

Models at the Tokyo Motor Show, wearing transparent face masks. Japan has still not reopened its borders

A little Indonesian child receives a dose of Sinovac vaccine.


Note that tomorrow evening, an important event will take place on the forum.
New versions of Windows 10 & 11 will be available. What's more, I will show you another recipe. And new clips will be posted.


Quote from: scarface on January 15, 2022, 06:43 PM
Today, I’m going to show you a map of the covid incidence rate per department, in France.

In France do you guys also have those idiots who are opposed to vaccines? If so then they should all die in ignorance together with their colleagues in the USA and Canada.


A way has been found to unlock old AMD K6-2+ to equal K6-III+ unlocking full 256mb cache.



In Russia most of western news media and sites are blocked because of sanctions, and TOR working very slow. So it's much more difficult to get vital news. Can you tell me, is there in Europe and US any news about disabling products of Microsoft on russian computers?
In our media there is a lot of fake news about that, but, as I know, Microsoft can't directly disable installed OSes.