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June 17, 2018, 05:18 AM
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Today, I’m going to hold a conference about the current exposition of a Tyrannosaurus in Paris
This summer, the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle is going back in time and giving its visitors the opportunity to dive into the Cretaceous period, to discover one of it’s greatest preserved symbols. Trix, a female Tyrannosaurus rex who is 67 million years old, 12.5 meters long, 4 meters high, and approximately weighed 8 tons during her life, awaits visitors in the nave of the Galerie de Géologie et de Minéralogie.
The photos were taken yesterday.

At the place of concorde

in front of the National Museum of Natural History, near the boulevard St Germain

The garden of the plants

A Turiasaurus femur

the National Museum of Natural History

Inside the museum

an edmontosorus skeleton

The Tyrannosaurus
Discovered in 2013 in Montana, USA, Trix is the second most complete T-Rex in the world. The original intact skull makes this specimen particularly remarkable.

a few photos taken outside

June 23, 2018, 06:39 PM
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Here are a few photos taken today, in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris. Why I went there? because there is a post office opened after 6 o'clock (the only one in France till midnight actually) and I had miscellaneous things to do before.

You'll see a few photos around the Pompidou center and near the bvd Sebastopol. Note that the photos in my car were taken rue de Rivoli then place de la Concorde, usman and vasudev may notice I could certainly have taken a more direct route to come back (for example bld bonne nouvelle - bvd haussmann and then rue d'Amsterdam to reach place de Clichy, and the northern slum).

all the photos here in full size:
(Those who don't have jobs could be inspired by the painter, the one showing his works of art on the floor, even though I don't know the degree of profitability of such a business, they are numerous and there is probably some competition between all those new talents).

Note that if some of you want to move to a big town, don't forget that "the bigger the town, the more vulnerable it is". aa1234779 might be wondering if it's an old quote of Bin Laden, not at all, it's Jancovici, a scientist, who says that. For him, the implementation of the "grand Paris" with new metro stations is totally anachronistic.
That's what he says in this conference, in French:
Here is one in English (shadow.97 may deem it as depressing, the subject is interesting, but at least Jancovici is taking it with his own sense of humour):
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July 01, 2018, 03:41 PM
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Tonight, new photos are available, for download only.
You can download them here:
On the Opera place taken yesterday:!y2hRhCTC!ZU4BWJM86PsydeWSXH488V81Rtm4PtNUdsREaee5EKM

In the Butte-aux-cailles area, token today:!e34lDC6S!SmtzS3fGstL5wJe2wP-1FJO_FoSNfA5KpqOBjyV2xUM

Well, It's faster to do this and I'm tired tonight (It was a very hot day in here). Posting them one by one is a bit tedious. In French I would say fastidieux, but fastidious doesn't have the same meaning, of course.

As you can see on the photos, there are many tourists at the Opera place. The Galleries Lafayette and the Apple store are in the vicinity.
(If you have time and if you want to use Macos, and you can't afford an expensive mcbook...just follow this tutorial:
Many tourists spend their money here, and actually I don't come here very often (I prefer the "real" center of Paris). A few years ago, in 2014 I think, I ate some seafood at the restaurant Leon de Bruxelles, bvd des Italiens, near this place. Some will tell you I'm selfish, but no, I'm rather "shellfish". The photos with the Mango shop is taken on this Bvd.

At the end we can also see the Rue de Rome and the Saint Lazare Station (with the infantry of Macron). A bit later we can see the brand new glass prison (courthouse) from the Rue de Rome. 4 years ago, I used to live a few hundred meters away from here, near the train track.

I remember that Daniil was glad to meet "Momo and Koko"

The photos of the Butte aux Cailles begin with a photo taken Porte d'Italie, and the huge graffiti on a building. Then a few photos were taken place d'Italie. Apparently an artist forgot his work of art on top of a building. I'm sure aa1234779 will look at them carefully.

Then a photo was taken bvd Blanqui with a Sunday market. Then we enter the area of the Butte aux Cailles. This neighbourhood is distinguishable from the rest of the 13th arrondissement with its small building and private mansions. a few months ago I had posted a few photos taken in the Chinese area of the 13th arrondissement and the landscape is a bit different (you can see them here:!fzxDmYpL!QQY9WzSnv9opYYmo1iqy81Fb76JcfR9k7PhjBW_aX18)
On one photo you can see a Byzantyne church which was built between 1894 and 1912 in a place where there used to be a little wooden chapel. It was constructed by the architect Prosper Bobin, with the financiary help of the Lombard family, best known as the Meunier family, owner of the Meunier chocolate factory. The façade, inspired by the Saint-Trophime d’Arles church, opens on a portal, framed by little roman chapiter columns decorated with flowers. Initially called Sainte-Anne-de-la-Maison-Blanche, it is only in 2001 that the name will change to Saint-Anne-de-la-Butte-aux-Cailles.
I took a photo of an autolib, the electric car service provided since 2011. But the service will disappear soon (in one month), since the cumulated losses are huge and nobody wants to pay (Tesla will never be profiable either, in my opinion).
Article here:
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July 07, 2018, 08:07 PM
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Tomorrow, maybe there will be a new conference with some photos.

Note that I was wondering if the administrator is not ill. It's ages since I've not seen him on the forum. Maybe one year, probably much more. Perhaps some users of the forum who speak English or Arabic could try to call him in Palestine, I'm sure you have his phone number. You could ask him about the registration problem on the forum. Otherwise Bpefreddie will remain the last registered user for a long time. However it doesn't seem to affect the regular users who keep coming on the forum.

July 08, 2018, 12:48 PM
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Tonight, a conference about the museum of the army, also known as Les invalides, which is located in the 7th arrondissement of Paris.
I don't have time to add comments today, I will add them later.

July 11, 2018, 04:46 PM
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Here are a few photos taken on 25 November 2016.
A few of them were taken in La défense. Some of them were shot in the 11th arrondissement (aa1234779 might recognize the place of Bastille). A few of them were taken in the Vincennes woods. And some were taken under the péripherique near porte de Clichy (where it was unusual to see Syrian migrants).

July 14, 2018, 06:28 PM
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Tomorrow, I'm expecting a large audience on the forum. Maybe hundreds of users. Former users could even come back to the forum.
Indeed an excellent movie (actually a documentary) will be released.
What's more, the repack of crysis 3 will be probably released (5.99Gb only). Some testers are needed.
A conference with photos of Le louvre taken yesterday will be released.
I will also disclose my target for the s&p 500 for August in the financial topic.
Finally, in the documentary topic, I will hold a conference to talk about the news that hit the headline recently. Thus, I will tackle miscellaneous subjects like Palestine, the Islamic State in Pakistan, the baby Trump blimp, the current Iraqi protests and the unprecedented OECD wage stagnation. I advise shadow.97 against reading this message if he thinks he'll get depressed.

July 15, 2018, 12:11 AM
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Today, I'm posting a few photos taken in the Louvres.

Place des Victoires, near Le Louvres.

Rue Saint Honoré

Some Algerian Pastries

In front of Le Louvres. Apparently, a welcoming committee is waiting for me.

On the Rue de Rivoli. Apparently they summoned reinforcements to liberate Palestine. It’s only a matter of hours.

In front of the pyramid of the Louvre

Winged Victory of Samothrace.
The monument consists of a statue of a winged female figure – the messenger goddess Victory – and a base in the shape of the prow of a ship, standing on a low pedestal. 220-185 BC

Delacroix – Liberty Leading the People

Delacroix – Scene of the massacre at Chios Greek families awaiting death or slavery framed

Delacroix – The Death of Sardanapalus

Musée du louvre sale 77

Michelangelo - Rebellious Slave with walker

Ingres - La Grande Odalisque.jpg

David - The Lictors Returning to Brutus the Bodies of His Sons

David – The Intervention of the Sabine Women on gallery wall

David - Oath of the Horatii

Théodore Géricault – The Raft of the Medusa

Pieta of Villeneuve les Avignon

Rubens – Arrival or Disembarkation of Marie de Medici at Marseilles

Panel with sphinxes  - Achaemenid Persian Dynasty, 510 BC

Frieze of Griffins - Persia, 510 BC

Frieze of archers - Persia, 510 BC

View of Capital of a column from the audience hall of the palace of Darius 510 BC.

Winged human headed bull (lamassu or shedu) -  Neo Assyrian Period, reign of Sargon II, 721-705 BC

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