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Good comics

Started by scarface, September 05, 2014, 07:28 PM

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Today, a new comic book is available on the forum, titled "The blind snakes";
This comic book is in French.

The story:
New York, 1939. A mysterious man settles in a small hotel, in search of a certain Ben Koch, a Spaniard who would not have respected a pact. The owner of the pension, Red, claims that he has not heard from Ben, which the man does not believe. So he decides to wait for him. And indeed, Red informs Koch that he is wanted and that he was seen destroying a grave with a hammer. Why ? What is he looking for? The FBI is also wondering ...

Link: https://mega.nz/file/4UdkXLIY#h2QXWcDzCg0ESAk7JhE39-rlqpSuy3dV4rD22rPL1Po


Tonight, another comic book is available on the forum, titled "Viravolta" (in French).

The story: In 1756, a former secret agent of the Republic of Venice, Pietro Viravolta, and swordman of the kingdom, is nicknamed "the Black Orchid". He was forced to flee Venice and went to Versailles to go into service with King Louis XV. On the evening of his arrival, the king is the victim of an assassination attempt. Viravolta's mission is then to investigate and unmask the person behind this attack which could be the work of members of an occult circle, the Shadow Parliament, with the intention of overthrowing the kingdom of France. Viravolta must play both sides by infiltrating this secret society.

Link: https://mega.nz/folder/QBtyXILB#M0TnLs7I--uCliuBen0CZg


Note that the comic book series "the world of Thorgal - a spin-off of the main series Thorgal - will be uploaded here. For the moment 4 new comic books are available.


Today, a new comic book titled Under-world is available on the forum.

Hades, God of the Underworld, is seeking a successor. The prize? His fabled horn of plenty, source of boundless wealth. But to winnow down the applicant pool, Hades has devised a series of challenges as deadly to hopefuls as they are enlightening to readers, taking us all on a tour of the soil: its uses and abuses, riches and resources. Beneath our feet lies a world teeming with life, whose fate is intimately tied with our own. In this fantasy adventure Mathieu Burniat deftly blends pop science and mythology to educate and enthrall on a topic vital to our troubled times.

Link: https://mega.nz/file/dF9B0a6Z#FCT-Ohijm1puo0fjbt_GbtpJpqnoxhpTj7Iu3kdcwE8


Today, a new comic book, titled "Thésée et le Minotaure" and released in 2016 is available on the forum.
This comic book is in French.

In the kingdom of the city of Troezen, the young and brilliant Theseus learns that he is not only the son of Poseidon, but also that of Aegean, sovereign of Athens. While walking to the mythical city, he floors a multitude of monsters on his way, becoming a legend even before he even achieves his goal. But when he finally meets his father, he discovers that he’s the prey of an odious blackmail. Every nine years, Minos, king of Crete, demands a sacrifice from Aegean to spare him the wrath of Zeus: seven young men and seven young girls are to be thrown as food to the Minotaur in the heart of the Labyrinth. To put an end to it, Theseus is ready to face the formidable creature. A great challenge awaits him ...

Link: Thésée et le Minotaure


Tonight, some new comic books are available on the forum.

The Adventures of Asterix is a comic book series about Gaulish warriors, who have adventures and fight the Roman Republic during the era of Julius Caesar in an historical telling of the time after the Gallic Wars.

Link: https://mega.nz/folder/INEBxYaS#i0AqoBkwLG8FJ-rHnQFbbA

Maybe some of you have been reading the comic books series Thorgal, or other comic books on the forum already.



Tonight, a new comic book is available on the forum, titled Lucy and released in 2007.

At the end of the 1970s, a discovery changed the face of the world: the almost complete skeleton of a specimen of Australopithecus, the oldest common ancestor of mankind, was unearthed in the Afar triangle in Ethiopia. But who was this woman named "Lucy" after the Beatles song? In this comic book with a romantic breath, remarkable for its scientific veracity, we follow the timid footsteps of our ancestor in his awakening to consciousness. A journey made of dangers and discoveries, rocked by the starry night where all the mystery of the world is hidden. Told with poetry by Patrick Norbert, carried by the breathtaking ultra-realism of Liberatore, Lucy is an album for dreaming and reflecting on ourselves.

Vasudev and shadow.97 might be wondering if they were using "tik tok" to communicate. Actually, they didn't need it thanks to their special abilities.

Link: https://mega.nz/file/YcdEzTaQ#4Atx_7n1CYv-KZfmpePsCrJnQsUdnqFIx9VIT4dS0sE


Tonight, I'm going to present a book (I've already presented Lucy but this one is not a comic book) titled Pharaoh, by Christian Jacq, a specialist of Egypt.
There is no download link (I don't know if this book is available in English).

“My name is Thutmosis, and I have built a world.
A world with borders threatened by darkness and barbarism.
A world that could have disappeared under the weight of greed, lies and mediocrity.
But I fought, day after day, with the help of the gods so that the light could shine, and feed the humans.
And my kingdom was of this world. “

In the series of great novels that have made his success, Christian Jacq makes us relive the incredible story of Pharaoh Thutmose III (1504-1450 BC), who will be later nicknamed the Egyptian Napoleon.

Redoubtable strategist, fearless warrior, Thutmosis fought back all attacks against Egypt. But the man was also a scholar who had at heart the constant improvement of the lot of his people. Madly in love with the remarkable musician Satiah, he was the first Egyptian king to be called Pharaoh.

This novel, where the Pharaoh speaks in the first person, tells the extraordinary life of one of the greatest kings of ancient Egypt.

Chosen by the gods, Thutmosis III was too young to rule. A woman, the famous Hatchepsout, therefore ran the country in his place. At the death of the Pharaoh Queen, he was forced to leave his dear libraries to exercise real power.

A great connoisseur of sacred texts, writer, botanist, concerned about public health, Thutmosis is confronted with a major danger from the beginning of his reign. Building on its weakness, a coalition formed in Syria has plans to invade Egypt.

The Egyptian Napoleon will have to conduct seventeen military campaigns to reduce his adversaries to powerlessness. Intrepid, he will lead his professional army beyond the Euphrates, with considerable risks.

Wise, this pharaoh drew himself the scenes of the Book of the hidden chamber on the walls of his tomb in the Valley of Kings. And the twelve hours of night, leading to the resurrection of the sun, will punctuate his existence. A great builder, he notably built the temple at Karnak dedicated to the initiation of high priests.

Faced with adversity and the severe blows that destiny brought him, Tuthmosis never gave up. And his kingdom, inspired by celestial harmony, was of this world.


Note that a new episode of Thorgal is available on the forum: The Selkie.

Thorgal's daughter Wolfcub wakes up inside a cage in a fisherman's hut, after being abducted. She sees only a strange-looking woman, a mute little girl, and a young boy terrified of his father, the kidnapper. And none of them are willing to free her... Meanwhile, Thorgal and Jolan are already on her trail, but to find her, they will have to brave the curse of the Selkie.

Link: https://mega.nz/folder/EUs0BRqI#GEzq0IA2LoHP6lOiw-hAyQ